The Ugly Great Awakening is Upon Us

The Ugly Great Awakening is now upon us, and MSM is breathing its rank breaths. Even on their slab, they’re still trying to make people feel foolish or alienated for thinking.

They want you to feel alone should you decide to muster up some courage, fall out of their spell and investigate.

They say it’s called QAnon, but that’s a lie. Should we be surprised? The media has betrayed you and there’s no question about it. You’ve been duped in the worst way imaginable, but hope isn’t lost for you. The final part of the plan’s in place. Or else we’re on our own.

MSM is Not Good

You’d have to be evil not to report what really happened with Wayfair. Wayfair did appear to be shipping children in containers to people with the money. How else do you explain the creepy way you could enter an actual missing child’s SKU number (from the missing children’s website) like a coupon code and watch as the price skyrockets from $100.00 to $10,000 and your cabinet now has a missing child’s name.

The exact name of the child appeared in the cart. Yeah, some glitch. Some glitch in this forsaken world?

Why is mainstream news hiding all of this? Aren’t they hoping you’re too afraid to take a stand with conspiracy theories? Be advised they will do anything to destroy threats.

They Can Just Pretend It Isn’t Happening

Take a look at the numerous arrests of human traffickers throughout Trump’s first term, recently with 173 people in Florida, and Trump’s proclamation that his administration will do anything and everything to end human trafficking, including building a wall to stop it, and signing executive orders to seize the property of anyone caught committing these acts.

And did you forget about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein? Outliers?

They’ve influenced your actions by ridiculing and accusing 45.

Just look at what he’s done. But they’ve managed to convince you and many other intelligent people that he must be stopped!

It’s brought out the very worst qualities in us, such as hatred and absolute ignorance.

Living in an illusion of consensus. By grabbing hold of our trust lapels, lifting us off the ground like scum, and shouting in our ear, “thanks.”

They thank us for being one of them. They’ve really pulled on a number on us.

The Brainwashed are heading toward an Awful Realization

Ironically, it’s what they’re doing that’s by far the most evil.

Seriously, it’s some of the worst you can imagine.

Did you never stop to consider the other side?

But now, to their abject terror, the nightmares they’ve ENABLED to be inflicted by covering up are about to boomerang. Both Lin Wood and Sydney Powell have dropped major booms or bqqms in the past couple of days as they’ve confirmed, using the words of Q (military intelligence) that everything is true.

The main gist of mainstream monsters’ counterargument is that Q is called QAnon [False] and his posts are vague [False] and anyone who believes it is an idiot [100% False]. On the contrary, as many will soon discover, the people who refused to even listen, to investigate information independently, which should be obvious to any learned person that the content included on is not some hoax but an unprecedented drop of information from the highest ranking officials in the world arena. Whether to the purpose unknown.

Missing this obvious drop of intel by military intelligence is going to make people who dismissed it look passive, aloof, self-absorbed, and shameful.

People Who Can’t Grasp Q Have Spiritual Blinders?

For those who just can’t wrap their minds around this, you need to understand the harm you’re doing with your apathy and inaction.

You did read 17, yes? To go against something you haven’t even read is arrogant and ignorant.

With everything happening, a new story out every day that adds support to the reality 17 speaks about with absolute authority, yet you’re still denying it on account of the devil on your shoulder that you don’t even realize is there.

This entire matter should elicit rage and sear your conscience. I’m talking about the horrible mistreatment of midges. The defilement of innocents.

If you don’t buy into 17 but you say you’re standing up for what’s right, then no problem. This was written for you.

Is this how you handle real life HORROR? Pretending it doesn’t exist? You’re making it worse and have been making it worse. You’ve put faith in your TV or your own intellect. And that’s why you can’t see. The betrayal you’re about to receive from the media, who you’ll learn have been guiding your soul down a coal shaft, is your due reward for not using your mind. And its effect on your psyche will not be healed today or tomorrow. Who knows how long? The day it comes out will be the day you answer directly to the Almighty, who loves you.

You’ve taken the lazy way when people you know have been racked with fear, confusion, and sadness with nowhere to turn because they did their due diligence. But you ignore it and dismiss it. And your gamble is wrong. Pedophiles are everywhere among republicans, liberals, celebrities, and the media. Just take a look at the number of arrests in both parties over the last 10 years. This is serious. This isn’t at all fake. If you’d stop worrying about yourself, you’d have known it was your duty to look into matters where children are alleged to be victims of crimes that are the very worst.

Instead, you’ve decided to buy into hating Donald Trump. After all, it sure was trendy! It wasn’t difficult for you to take that path. Your handlers, your media gods have you spellbound and incapable of questioning or holding rational thoughts, even though their treachery is obvious to those who can discern. They say Trump is busy plotting to kill us all by ignoring climate change, starting nonexistent race wars, and mishandling Covid-19. But take a look around you. Is your experience worth nothing? You bow before science like a god, too. You smirk at that as well. This experience of slowly peeling back the onion is going to be the worst lesson you ever receive, but it will also be the best.

You denigrated a man who was on a mission with a holy purpose. You gossiped about anyone you knew who supported Trump. If you’re of far less refinement of thought and glued into group think, you’ve parted ways with those friends and family members, probably because they’re striving to arrive at the truth but it’s not the one you want.

In the words of that pawn, Greta, “shame on you!”

In the coming days you’ll be faced with a choice. Look into matters for yourself, do that thing they call thinking and discourse. Or deny and hurl insults at the just and good in an attempt to feel smug and superior like your idols on TV. You may feel powerful, but you look stupid. Not only that, there’s children’s lives on the line, so you also look like the biggest POS on planet earth. One thing’s for sure, the remorse is going to be impossible for many people to handle.

Tons of brands are going to die. Big tech who helped covered it up is soon to die. All the businesses without backbones will become toxic and crumble under the weight of their own immoral actions and cowardice. You’ve made a huge error and you deserve to feel bad about it, not forever, but at least right now. At least until you decide to do what’s right after ascertaining the facts for yourself.

Now that Q is proven unequivocally true, and now that there’s 87 Q supporters who have run for Congress, and two of the most honest lawyers on the planet risking their flawless reputations to support Q and use his exact wording, it appears we will soon get to the bottom of Q once and for all. The first step for you is to realize that you’re the one who needs to change. You can begin by opening your mind to the fact that you really could be wrong. Then maybe, I don’t know, read the other side. When was the last time you did that? Read Q. Turn off Netflix, quit looking at yourself in the mirror and give it a try.

There’s a reason why Trump refuses to push back against “QAnon.” It’s not what your highly esteemed serial killer accomplices posing as journalists would have you believe — that QAnon loves Trump. First of all, nobody calls it QAnon except the media. Plus, it goes far far beyond respect and adoration for a man working to correct serious wrongs. You can’t even imagine the depths of the Great Awakening that you’re right in the middle of because you’re guarding yourself in the material world instead of thinking about implications to your spirit. Maybe you’re brainwashed. Maybe you aren’t a critical thinker because your education sucked. But I believe you have it in you to gain instant redemption.

One area the scum on TV agree about is that Q is serious. Q represents their destruction. By now they must know it’s coming. As Q says, “Nothing can stop what’s coming. Nothing.” It won’t be long before Q is revealed. The evidence will leave no doubt to the truth and the rumors of our politicians committing Satanic acts of torture on children involving scalpels and other crude tools will be exposed. It will be a time of great sorrow as we come to terms with what we allowed to happen followed with rage the likes of which has not been seen.

The horrors these people commit toward children is certain, but if you still refuse to look into it and judge for yourself, then be prepared for the consequences to your spirit and heart. Be prepared to answer to God. You need to respond. It’s tempting to just call everyone a conspiracy theorist and trust the news. But the error you’re making is grave. You can fix it right now. I’m going to show you why doing nothing is one of the worst things you can do. To understand the media, it helps to understand the past. Throughout history, people sacrificed children to a deity called Molech. Hillary Clinton references this God of child sacrifice in her emails. These emails were hacked because she chose to leak United States secrets on an unsecure private email server, never suspecting that she’d ever be caught. How else could she be so careless?

However, in her arrogance, as she indulged in treason, human trafficking, sacrifice, torture of children, Q rose up, ready to take down evil with a plan that began the day George W. Bush had JFK shot through the head on live TV. Jackie Kennedy refused to change her dress so the American people and the press could see the blood of her husband and never forget.