How Long Mirror World Will Last From An Anon Who Predicted The Election Results Months In Advance

There’s nothing so illuminating as experience.

“But yet so far, every MSM outlet, every major internet outlet, all have coordinated to force the story to die. Now imagine what happens when it all gets overturned. Imagine the impact on the national psyche! A realization of what the Media is for the masses? A Great Awakening anyone? That’s one of the reasons it had to be this way.”

“With Biden as “king” + Congress in D hands there’s no longer anyone to blame on the right. But more importantly the end of ousting him + foreign powers behind him = re-creates 1776!”


Mirror world is fascism on steroids for all to experience

Many people looking at BOTH SIDES of current events and trying to read between the lines of information and comms were expecting Trvmp to win the election or at least prevent the inhaler of hair smells from becoming king.

Reading this information strengthens the claim that Patriots are in control, and in control like we hope they are.

The Ones Who Have done the Most Research Know the Most

CJ Trvth posted a link to decoding symbolism, a site that gives a broader analysis of what’s happening. The site creator is comfy because he has predicted everything that’s happened so far.

the 1776 plan Key Points

This whole tyrannizing movie playing out with JB is staged to remove any doubt who the dictator is. MSM is involved. The many mistakes made by JB were on purpose, like when he said that it was the most extensive fraud organization ever conceived!

Proof of fraud is irrefutable, and as soon as they look at it, game over.

Tyrannizers have to be indisputable, and so JB is persuading people on the left that Trvmp isn’t the tyrant–he is!

It explains…

  • blank signings
  • 30+ executive orders in a week
  • not using his own signature
  • saying he doesn’t have to listen to anyone
  • Q posting about “it having to be this way” to safeguard future elections
  • There is no one to blame for it except for JB and the democrats because they are calling all the shots
  • Many of us have been gaslit on the worst atrocities, but in reality it’s more complex. I’ll have to update the homepage
  • based on his research, he has always believed the date of mass awakening to be April 30th or June 12th, 100 or 147 days out via the comms

Why Does it Have to Be this Way.

To appreciate the gift of freedom we’re receiving.

How many felt despair, like all was lost with the way the election played out?

How’s it feel now with all these lunatics writing bills calling for free thinkers to be labeled domestic terrorists?

That feeling will not be for nothing. Others are having it too.

It’s the difference between being told about God and feeling the divine presence. Only one will convince you of the truth.

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