a Satanic Attack Is All They Have Left

In the store I saw them. Circles with the number 6. They were spread through the store 6 feet apart. Go anywhere “official” and you’ll see the same commonplace sixes demanding you comply. You already know. Strange that their choice in numbers aligns perfect with what you find in a grimoire. Careful if you happen to come across one.

Strange that how they demand we wear masks, even flimsy useless cloth on a string. Still, some people are wearing two of these in the car, scared to death, and blind.

My friends, why can’t these people see? Why do they ignore what’s right before their eyes? Is this what Q meant by the truth will put 99.9% in the hospital?

I went into the store and I prayed. I walked around and prayed. The trans workers were manifold and abash, slothful in movement.

I think the mask mandates, the sixes, the virus, are the last defense of the corrupt minions, gremlins, and pawns.

When along comes a Q, a Trvmp, a GEORGE, a LIN WOOD, Powell, Flynn, and digital soldiers galore, backed by US military steel, what can you do?

If you’re a higher up cult leader worshipping and summoning darkness but time is up, what’s left?

You make everyone wear masks so it’s easy to hide. You also know it pleases your Babylonian and Assyrian deities. And using the number six, that’s obvious, it’s in the bloody book!

Go to these places and say a little prayer, no one will notice while you walk through the store, looking at the troll dolls. Did anyone ever discover why they make pleasurable sounds when you press the button located in their no-no zones?

Or why a button is there?

Our Father who art in heaven….