Absolute Proof is a Magnum Opus of Domestic Intellectual Terrorism

People will talk about the legend of the My Pillow man for years to come.

Facts From the Start

The number of votes that broke their algorithm, caught the cheaters by surprise.

Arizona with 36,000 illegal alien votes, a vacant lot population voted 2,000 times, and more

In Michigan theres 17,000 dead voters, well that’s odd, with 615,000 votes in question

Then in Nevada

4,000 illegal aliens, 15,000 absentee ballots! 1,506 dead people who voted!

Non-Nevadans 19,000! 42,000 double voters!

Much more information about it.

You aren’t allowed to say

What will Come Next?

Ten minutes in and you realize the battle at hand. No matter what you believe, whether you’re into bloodsucking or being of general good, this documentary must feel like Rocky’s fist crushing through the ribs of FRAUD.

that will elicit bizarre reactions from people accused of treachery?


Burping, flatulence

Other forms of exaggeration

Insulting Not Debating



Deep Fakes + Acting

What is real