Anti-Science Nonsense

Fowchee here.

Do me a favor would yas?

Press “listen in browsa”


As a well respected authority on plagues, gain of function, and other science-based things, allow me to address the confusion.

First I want to start with a story.

I’m in bed with my wonderful wife. I hear she says somethin to me in the middle of the night that sounds like “oatmeal.”

I’m sayin, oatmeal? What time is it?

Then she says, not oatmeal… email!

We had a good laugh and then I went to bed hungry and had a dream about walking my dog. It was nice!

But the next morning it’s not a laughing matter anymore.

My wonderful wife was quick to cheer me up with —– take a wild guess!

She made me oatmeal for breakfast and I got to say it was the best I ever had. She’s a talented cook!

Oatmeal is one of those foods that we don’t get enough of. It’s a great source of vitamin D.

Just as I was gettin ta do my job, they start talking about emails!

The Emails

Yes, the emails. Well, I can’t remember every email I send! And are they even mine? Yes, think about what they are saying here. They are purporting that I wanted people to get sick and die.

They are insinuating that I’m a mass murderer who intentionally did this. Can you imagine? Some people don’t understand science. That’s how they come up with crazy rationalizations.

Do you really think I’m capable of going down in history as a sort of Dracula? It makes me laugh just to think of it.

A laugh will do us all good. Laugh about it and I promise you’ll start to see why it’s so ludicrous!

Having a good hard laugh

Laughing makes you feel good.

As for the masks… Wearing a mask is a fashion booster. I’m the evidence of that. Look at the pictures above. Don’t tell me the second one isn’t wonderful. A miracle especially when you have an old mug like this (crowd applauds).

If you look at the trusted news outlets, they get it.

Remember one thing…

Don’t get sucked into the politics.

Anti-science and racist thinking is almost as bad as COVID. Do you think all these science-based news organizations would publish articles like this if I were some kind of monster?


I’m unda siege right now by the enemies of science. I’m tryna understand why the Washington Post and Vanity Fair filed the FOIA to get the emails. Did I say that out loud? The real problem isn’t what’s in the emails, but the racism in this country. Forget about me being a worldwide psychopath for a second, and think about the racial implications at the center of COVID.

Stop looking at my emails and look within at your own beliefs and how they are probably linked to racism.

Maybe it’s time for this country to wake up to the skin color crisis in this country and world!

Use Common Sense…

Would a highly esteemed doctor really try and start a pandemic on purpose? Come on! Only in the movies.

You’re really going to the crazy mill with that theory.

I repeat: Don’t let the politics of the situation influence this.

Be serious for a moment…

Do you see what’s happening? The domestic terrorists, who are largely racist and anti-science, aka almost as bad as the virus itself, want a scapegoat. They are looking to blame me.

Can’t say I’m surprised.

A boy from the Bronx is no stranger to bullies.

But I’m getting concerned.

The danger of the situation is escalating. People who want to take the world back to the dark ages are tryna pin everything on me. It’s human nature to want something or someone to blame, just like it’s human nature to be racist.

I don’t know what’s to be done about them but I’ll have some information soon.

Think scientifically about it…

Units 1-4 | AP Chemistry Review

I’ve been trusted fa years to handle everything related to diseases. I think I know a little something about the scientific method.

I’ve done everything to contain the virus, so it hurts to have people talking about my oatmeal email like this. But at least I know now what it’s like to be the victim of conspiracy theories.

Maybe it’s Like my personal friend Brad would say…

I believe you make your day. You make your life. So much of it is all perception, and this is the form that I built for myself. I have to accept it and work within those compounds, and it’s up to me.


Keep doin your thing son 🤘 .

You know you have talent when you can make me look good. You really think a guy who fights against nazis in movies would play me if I were a bad guy?

We are in it together – End the Racism and Stop Anti-Science

Racists and religious types want us to go into a dark winter. We can’t let that happen.

My Book is Delayed – Get These Instead!

My personal favorite. A modern day Frankenstein!

Fowchee Owchee

Thanks for supporting my efforts to contain the virus. Whatever you do, trust the science.

Like I tell my grandkids right before I roll off the screen.

“Fowchee owchee!”