Be Careful Listening To Pied Pipers or Whatever They Are

True, Abe Washington has made predictions, only now does it seem irresponsible but only if there are evil, planted anons. Never did I think that.

Don’t you think that part of the plan had to be to put people in there who would carry the message and keep us focused on a singular purpose and message? Anonymity sure is a great disguise for us all.

CJ Truth could be a good Christian guy, but he jumps to conclusions with statements like “They are attacking us even more so they must be scared!”

This is not logical thinking. There are a number of other reasons why they could be attacking without any investigation of the facts. I have to admit that he seems good and thinks like one who has received victory and that’s important. I’m torn.

Trump retweeted him which looks more suspect each day the world gets worse. Every day the world gets worse, I wonder if our President for freedom is a carefully built Divider.

Ever notice how it’s always the rich leading us?

Simon Parkes is 100% unreliable to me, not even worth listening to anymore, led us all so completely astray with the gentle old man on the inside schtick. Posted an interview about the rods of God and a nuclear scare. He’s on the inside alright, of the devil’s sock. Probably in between his toes.

Obviously, I could be wrong. I often have been, but everyone else has been too. People are starting to lose fear of the virus. Planned? Debunk me, do it. Don’t be like Vice and attack the straw man. That Gilb Goblin has no fear of God for what he’s doing, producing articles in mass about QAnon, knowing that he’s writing stories about something that doesn’t exist.

Write about Q and anons, stop insulting people, stop serving the devil and do your journalistic duty. Or don’t. Keep testing God to see if the Bible is true.

Sovereign Lord Show Us the Way.