Big Booms Before the End of May?

Yesterday in the chat room GEORGE NEWS said we have every reason to be excited.

Four rallies are coming and there will be revelations and huge news before the end of the month.

Since this month is still going I assume they are talking about May. What could the news be?

Will we be strung along forever with promises or is the best yet to come?

They Still Want To Arrest Donald Trvmp

They now call for his arrest but the crooks go free. Why don’t they worry about real problems of the citizens and not continuing a witchhunt in the name of power?

The big booms and revelations will make history while bringing us a better tomorrow or armagheddon.

Surprises are coming as we stand at the precipice waiting.

Who will be arrested? Fauci, Gates, Trump?

Where is Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman?

Stay tuned.