Bill Gates Evil or Really Good Guy?

Is bill gates evil? let's ask people on twitter.

Bill Gates is no stranger to controversy. And he’s spent a lot of money on marketing to build his reputation.

Even the best marketing is no match for an awake populace.

Here’s 10 names people are calling Bill Gates with a brief analysis at the end.

TOP 10 Descriptions of bill gates as evil from everyday normal people.

Here’s the top 10 descriptions and names people are calling Bill Gates from the video.¬†


2. Child death producer

3. Monster

4. Death bringer

5. Evil man

6. Devil

7. Evil

8. Bill Gates of Hell

9. Mankind’s biggest enemy

10. Eugenicist 

Is Bill Gates an evil man? A depraved murderer? A monster? Mankind’s biggest enemy?

Or is he what he’s paid people to show us: a brilliant, philanthropic blessing to humanity?


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