Boom For Thought

As the one who cried big booms, here’s some boom for thought.

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Why Less Attacks?

0 attacks on this website this week, 5 in the last 30 days. Do you remember how many I used to get? 18 in a day! During the summer 100+ a month. I’d expect it to increase unless we already won or they’re already inside. Or maybe they are focusing their efforts on Gab.

I have the web equivalent of Lin Wood’s heavily armed security + dogs.


All the Me Too Women Are Huge Hypocrites

You know them, the women who were very outspoken about Me Too, a movement exclusive to Democrat Women. They loved shaking their bodies on Ellen until…

These third wave feminists don’t know Jack Jill about life. Now they’ve gone silent about Fredo’s psychotic and murderous nipple-ring wearing brother.

They’re the same ones who’ve been crying “racist!”

I’d rather be crying big booms than believing I can KNOW a person’s heart and psyche, NEVER be able to prove any of my heinous allegations, but still claim the right to judge DAMN them with the 100% assertion you’re speaking facts.

So bad it should be a crime. Maybe it will be one. I think they’ll have their day soon enough.

It will come like a thief in the night, a pang of self-conviction more piercing than the net effect of their own withering accusations.

Joey Flies in His Own Plane?

Joe Byeden’s plane isn’t Air Force 1, the call sign is ADFDF8. People who know find it abnormal. And these people who know planes say that he isn’t on Air Force 1.

He’s on ADFDF8, which stands for AHHHHHH DON’T FORGET DUMB FACE 8.

And there’s no red carpet on the steps of this plane.

Anonymous Patriot pointed out that there’s also no no fly zone in Mar a Lago.

No no fly zone. Not a no fly zone.

He wonders if it’s because Trump isn’t there. I was confused why this mattered, too. It matters because EVERY president has a TFR (no fly zone). So there should be one if he were in Mar a Lago. And there is a TFR tomorrow at CPAC because…Orlando.. Disney?

Where is Joe’s state of the union address? PBS failed in epic scale with their “here comes the sotu speech on 2/23” wait for it… wait for it… still waiting

Maybe it’s because he isn’t the president?

Trump’s speech is on 2/28

Like hundreds of millions of folks, we’ll be wqtching.

Yesterday the flaming car(cnn) filled with lies and turds and dumb faces, aired their very special qanon propaganda piece. And millions more are now awake.

Did Trump Drop Bombs?

A nice meme that proves how stupid Trump-haters are.

Trump-haters = war lovers?

There’s just no other explanation. And loving war is stupid. Let’s see, who dropped bombs and who didn’t?

The logic above makes more sense than what the freakshows are attempting to justify doing to children by erasing gender. All they want is for children to EVENTUALLY have the right to consent to sex. Pure depravity. Sick.

Garrett Ziegler posted this and I agree

An ingenious long-term plan though when you consider the end game. Too bad it will fail.

People would kill to be loved as much as these FREAKS love to defile kids. The lengths they’ve taken and continue to take to make it legal are unbelievable and scary.

Time to get ready for Donald Trvmp’s speech. He hasn’t spoken publicly since 1/20/2021.

Also, LLin Wood named his horse King David. I wonder if it has anything to do with tomorrow. Probably not, but can I just say BIG BOOMS!?

Until then…

Where’s George?

Trump Tower?