Cat Comms, a Fish Comm, or News

Symbol Comms said cats are an animal comm for commitment. What do you think the articles below mean? All were pushed to the top.

If this isn’t a comm then I don’t know what is. A never before done and utterly pointless study about cats or are there people with a job to do not doing it? Are their switches failing to trigger?Are they staying put in a room(box) instead of going out to kill? Or is this the dumbest study ever conducted? ???

Then this whackadoodle story.

Not reading it even with a subscription. Now we have a yuge tree cat with spots on the loose (exotic and dangerous a celebrity?) and the zoo (Which agency…) not talking yet. Or something is about to happen and the order is to play it smooth, say nothing until we give you the signal.

Not whackadoodle enough? Nyt watch the pro propas at work.

Next a striped cat, the most dangerous of them all to man, hanging out with a murderer in a white getaway car. Not reading it. murder suspect out on bond? Focus on the speaker.

My fake cat comm headline:

Introducing super cat, the feline helping the NYPD locate shipments of fentanyl


Godfather Fish Comm?

Sleeping with the fishes? That’s from Godfather. Death of an old system. The fish gets released in the story.

3 days later from Donald Trvmp, the lion.

Michigan fraudsters about to go down?

What does it mean?

Sleeping with the fishes means the end the frauds. Justi-c-e? I can’t believe we’re living through this period of history.

Cats have long been symbols for the magnetic forces of nature and are used by them to speak undercover out in the open about go time for agreed upon commitments. If you were the cat in the comm, news breaking would give you an adrenaline rush.

The system of symbol comms is both hidden and dramatic. They probably feel special even. Must be hell that we are starting to learn the game. The work of symbol comms makes Da Cinci Code look as complex as tic tac toe. Watch out for those big cats getting loose out there. Zookeepers are clueless and careless these days.