Certification/Camp David Before Declass? or Was Q all a Lie?

If Q was a lie, how was the fraudulent election and the removal of POTUS on Twitter predicted two years in advance?

Lin Wood and many other pro-constitution and pro-Trump voices are now censored online.

Including Trump himself.

Lin Wood is on Parler saying that over the next several days the traitors who certified the fraud election will be arrested.

Is Trump Planning Military Moves?

Trump is reported to have entered this military aircraft to head to a Texas base.

The Hypocrisy of Propaganda is Devilish

Trump is about to unleash on these poser journalists.

The hypocrisy is awful. Propaganda owns this country for the time being. Big tech is evil, suppressing and censorsing.

Violence is never preferable, but when the violent people are calling out others and casting blame, something must be done to stop it.

This country was founded on violence. I hate violence, but the military has been promised since the beginning as the the way to remove corruption from the nation.

Censoring the president paves the way for PAIN.

With a solar storm (sky event) approaching on Friday, and the yet to be fulfilled promise of military intervention, who knows what’s going to happen.

My money is on Donald Trump coming through and preventing the coup.