Contradictions Are Waking People Up And Going Gets Weird At the White House

For those who are STILL quiet about censorship or cravenly attempting to justify it, how long before your eyes open?

How many contradictions does it take to get to the center of a dense mind programmed since birth on a diet of fetid garbage?

Questions the Fact Checkers Are Scrambling to Address for Normal People Who Are Starting to Ask Questions

Why don’t any soldiers want Dr. Jill’s cookies?

Why are the soldiers turning their backs on that old guy who TV talking heads call president?

Why can’t that old guy pretending to be POTUS not set foot in the Pentagon?

Why is he signing blank pieces of paper with no words?

Why is the military treating that one old guy like a foreign dignitary or man at a funeral?

Who became rich from COVID? Who became poor?

Why would Trump do so much work (TOPPLING SAUDI AND OWNING THE VAT) only to abandon us?

Who sent soldiers to Syria? Who brought them back?

Why are troops still in DC for the most popular president of all time?

Why do so many people despise the most popular president of all time?

Who said they had a plan for ending COVID but had no plan?

Who said they would destroy pedophiles harming children in 2012 and then suddenly became the most hated man on the news?

Who enforced lockdowns and masks but then MAGICALLY lifted them as soon as someone THEY HATED left?

Who immediately went back to work toward strengthening the evil tradition of sacrificing the unborn to an evil deity?

Who says trust the science and then says that boys are girls and girls are boys?

Hypocrisy is a spirit of the Anti-Christ. Inquiry is conspiracy theory! War is peace and lies are truth.

At this point in time, things are being shown to people and some aren’t going to want to see, they will never see until TV says so. MANY ARE WAKING UP! Now is the time to join in, my friends.

The mind is a delicate thing, and those on the wrong side are in for a rude awakening. The Great Awakening has not felt too great, so far. And if it reaches its point of no return, and the best has come, how will you feel to have been in a vegetable state when the clues were all around you?

Seeing how juvenile people are in their thinking is a tragedy. We have no skill in discernment and are prey to our emotions, living in an infernal high school, wishing for fame, money and recognition. Or at least, attaining success to build a pseudo existence worthy of envy. We love fitting in and laughing at others. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy to name call.

May God judge us now, mercifully.

Life feels fake. Those golden tickets we thought we had are really lined with lead. And we are dying through the natural decay of our biological bodies. Somehow it hasn’t been enough to sway people caught in the endless loop of entertainment!

We plod ahead and continue BLOCKING FROM OUR MINDS that children are being shipped around in boxes bound with tape over their mouths, hands and feet tied together. But we are only outraged at what people on the tele tell us.

FASHIONABLE CAUSES are meaningless shams. But at least we FEEL GOOD getting our pats on the head from mummy for “saving the world” and avoiding labels for disagreeing with the evil people responsible.

the White House in the Middle of the Night

Something happened on the live feed but no idea what it was about.

Last Night.