Cracking the Mirrors

We live in mirror world but for how long?

Two big events happened, do they foreshadow things to come?

Myanmar Military Arrests Crooked Leadership For Election Fraud

The evil one’s toadies hate this, and they condemn it, even though the point was to do what’s right and OUST corrupted officials. They did it!

Will the same thing happen in the US? Seems like it will.

The Football Millionnaires Make Human Trafficking the Focus of the Superbowl

The millionaires who throw a ball around and tackle each other, aka the NFL, have made human trafficking the focus of the Super Bowl.

Part of a 17 Decode?

If you look at decoding symbols you learn how to see communications that are otherwise invisible.

One month ago, there were these “17” comms being published by the NFL. 17 = Q. I could be wrong but it seems like they could have chosen 17 as the number to hint at the fact that they were going to be making the Superbowl about human trafficking.

Now we have this huge news.

I’m going to make a page about symbols and decodes following the advice of symbol comms.

This is a far cry from having their focus on halftime shoes performed by celebrities that some people think are symbolic of something red with horns…

Will there be other surprising cracks in the mirror this week?

Stay tuned.