David Hogg’s Pillow Plan Failed: Here’s What You Need To Know

Before becoming a failed pillow creator, David Hogg experienced a school shooting and then decided to try and destroy the second amendment. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who experienced a similar threat but not a mass shooting, attempted to speak with the hot-trotting David Hogg about his position. In a video that went viral, Hogg smirked like Bill Gates talking about the second wave of COVID. As she followed on his heels, the strange little smile hinted at the possibility of a much pigger plan.

Most people have no idea about David’s plan to bring about Hoggdom, a return to an age where giant feral pigs or hogs can safely graze without being shot. Giant hogs continue to be seen roaming in the wilder parts of the United States and on farms, but hunters have been eliminating them.

These behemoths are wild abominations, alleged byproducts of chemtrails that we see in the sky but science denies. They are remarkable for their frightening stature and enormous scat.

Are these really the family members of David Hogg? One anonymous source days no. He claims that the resemblance is a coincidence. Hogg has been chosen to manage them under increasingly desperate attempts by the elite to maintain the human slave trade. The deep state has tasked Hogg, under penalty of castration, to bring about an era of giant feral hogs to assist their pawns from Mexico. It’s one of one of the piggest agendas the public has no idea about.

A hunter who claims to have seen David riding one of these animals under a full moon believes that Hogg knows he must first assemble his forces. That’s why he has to get rid of guns as soon as possible. “These things are easy targets,” he said, “like shooting at a hairy van going 17 MPH.”

An anonymous source who owns a farm said, “David Hogg is a real SOB bent on taking away our God-given and constitutional right to bear arms in order to prevent school shootings, but the evil bastard is really trying to protect his mutant family and increase their numbers.”

Apparently, this is some kind of strange plan to assist human traffickers once they make it into the forests.

“The idea is to protect these giant freak pigs so they can assist with operations. Somehow he communicates with them in oinks and grunts.”

The anonymous source asked for privacy because he doesn’t want Hogg to turn his attention toward him.

“I have soybeans and the last thing I need is Hogg poking his ugly snout around where it doesn’t belong. Next thing you know he’s inviting these ugly beasts over to put me out of business.”

Hogg, who recently stepped down from a pillow company after boldly stating that it would be easy to defeat My Pillow, is now looking for new ways to accomplish his mission.

Good Pillow, a really stupid name according to 83% of people voting on a recent Great Awakening Video poll, is likely to follow in the footsteps of its co-founder.

“Whoever Will is better know he’s countin his chickens before they hatch. Hogg is a real tool.”

We keep our minds open over here at Great Awakening Video, but we have to wonder why Hogg would choose an uncompromising position against the 2nd amendment and then suddenly try to make pillows for no reason.

“If it looks like a pig, acts like a pig, and wants your gun, it’s a damn Hogg,” said our highly credible anonymous source.

We can’t think of a better way to sum it up. Seen any feral hogs lately? Send us an email.