Day 2 of Darkness?

Yes, General.

Doubt the great deceiver can never conquer me.

Something went wrong to derail it for now? Warhead in a suitcase? The good guys aren’t at all discouraged. The time extends, and they are going to continue.

This bothers you? Why? The world is your everything?

Dan Scavino with a thumbs up on instagram?

This is a war.

Biden isn’t allowed to step into the Pentagon?

What’s true and false?

Two governments in DC?

Military vs Puppet?

We rose to the call of action because it is our duty, and now in the darkness we wait.

It goes to show you can have faith in God alone.

They all have super computers.

Super computer vs super computer vs super computer?


How much longer do you follow a plan without signs of action?

The Great Awakening is seeing how the world really works with all of its sinister aspects.

What’s Next?

They say nobody is listening to the unlawful office holder, his hands are tied and everyone is turning their back on him. Even his video got some many thumbs down and no views that it was DELISTED.

3/4 of the population voted for DJT. CA flipped red.

We are battling something very sinister so PRAY and live right in these DARK DAYS.

There’s no going back?

God, save us.

Spiritual Warfare. Pray.

The fight goes on. God is the strongest of them all. If the fight were easy it wouldn’t be worth anything.