Did De Santis Disappoints With Vaccine Contradictions?

Do they want to divide and confuse us? Maybe. Maybe not?

For a disease with a 99% survival rate, De Santis is all of a sudden changing his tune about vaccines. Why? He says it makes your chance of survival “pretty doggone close to 100%.”

Like 99%?

Aren’t those the same two things? Suddenly, De Santis loves CDC data. And he really loves experimental vaccines. Next he’ll be talking about luciferase like it’s the iPhone 10.

Everyone knows someone with cancer who died, but how many people does everyone know who died from Covid without a comorbidity?

Why is defending the republic reporting that 10,000 Americans have died from the vaccine? Not a small number, De Santis. Glad I don’t live where you live now, guv’nah.

There’s also another possibility. De Santis, who up to this point has been a contender for liberty, may know something we don’t.

De Santis Guesses We Hate Authority – Does He Read Hearts?

I thought De Santis was reasonable, but now he’s reading my heart and mind. Only God can do that.

It isn’t that we have a problem with authority, Governor. Your words felt like a grand betrayal, but I also don’t know the whole picture. Fear is what they’ve been selling us. We want strong leaders, but we don’t trust easily anymore for good reason. One example is how Chantix is now getting sued for causing cancer. Wasn’t it designed to stop people from smoking so they wouldn’t get cancer? It sounded like you were blaming us for being skeptical even when this kind of thing keeps happening. Your actions in Florida were admirable and beneficial to the people in that state more than they know. A Floridian attempting to dodge controversy had no idea if you were doing good or bad when I said how lucky he was to be there. That’s why it felt like one big betrayal, but now I’m having second thoughts. Your actions speak louder than a few sentences on TV.


I will take the time to pray for you and the rest of our leaders during these divisive times. Many of us want to be safe and protect others, but we don’t trust pharmaceutical companies who profit at our expense. Their commercials are like nightmares where happy, healthy people do activities while a gentle voice reads off horrifying side effects. We don’t understand why we need a vaccine for a virus that’s divided the opinions of the medical community and resulted in people like Dr. Stella Immanuel risking her medical license for talking about her 100% success rate.

If it were another black plague with bodies piling in the streets, why do we deserve the privilege of taking a vaccine? We want to be selfless and risk our lives until every single black indigenous person of color has one in every single country. That idea comes courtesy of Ron Watkins.

De Santis, you really disappoint baffle me. I’m beginning to wonder about you.

Lin Wood has a question for you, and it’s from his friend:

Do you know the data on whether taking the vaccine increases the chance of one becoming seriously ill or dying from medical complications or reactions from the vaccine other than from the Covid virus itself?

We don’t want to be like this magnetic chicken breast!

What I wonder about is why didn’t you have a mask mandate if you believe COVID is so deadly?

Why did you keep schools open if COVID is so deadly?

There was no vaccine ready and if you thought it was so deadly, why wouldn’t you act like it then? We would have called you for what you were – a tyrant. But you weren’t that way and we loved you four it, and Florida flourished.

Why wait until now to reveal these explosive contradictions to your character?

If I were to use your “they hate authority” heart-reading ability, I’d say you wanted your state to experience mass Covid casualties. I don’t say that because it’s flawed and inaccurate. That’s how little sense your current words about the vaccine makes compared to your previous actions. Those were applauded. This one reeks.

Also, audit your state. We want to see what went on there. You work for the people!