Disinformation Vs Discernment and 10 Days of Darnkess

Disinformation in a world that broadcasts comms via symbols serves a specific purpose. It acts like instant repellant to any new person encountering these ideas for the first time.


The Waif Fare Secret Auction

A recent post by symbolcomms is making me question a few things I thought could be true but required declass. The first thing is Waif Fare. This got me because I watched a video of someone typing in the SKU of a child from the missing person’s site and watching the price jump. Then there’s the name. Then there’s the ties of the business to Maxwell.

His Name is Michael

Michael O is another one. I’m really not sure about it because of the “junk” videos and pictures out there, the characteristics that define our biology like proportions of head to shoulders, length of certain fingers in relation to others, and Renegade himself saying it in place of her name. Then there’s the gay accusers of 4 4. Don’t forget about Joan Rivers, who died right after she said M.O. was a tranny.

Gematria Is Never Reliable

I had forgotten about Gematria because NOTHING IT SAID WAS ACCURATE. But it’s another one I thought could be a comm. Read my past post to see. Now it’s more likely that the nurse from Texas is really a GREMLIN!

Same goes with claims about all of the lizard and pleideddaeins beings around us. Maybe it’s shedding season, maybe not.

Last is the drinkable children’s blood from fear and loathing in las vegas. Now front and center on South Park Appears as though symbolcomms lumps waif fare, adrenocrome, and Michael O into the same category. disinfo? Read the post and see what you think. If you read every post and answered every q question already after hours of research then you know. I have some missing posts to read.

Is this What Darnkess Means?

The one who shouts big booms is back with an obvious one. President K will become the person MSM calls the president. It will happen on April Fool’s Day or the day after Easter.

When the msm calls her the president, we can expect to enter darkness?

q post 97

When KH is switched in for racer Joe, that’s when the 10 days really begins. Will it be a WW3 scenario? Or will it be declass? We’re told these inbred pizza enthusiasts will fight and lose but not quit. What does it mean?

Will the first black woman president (is she tho?) give freedom to the people? Will she rule like Nero to set things in motion? Or will JB still be missing his presidential portrait?

Let’s type in KH into Gematria

Stay tuned!