Donald Trump is Acquitted and Now We Save America but For now…

Who is Rob Gill and why is he attempting to summon the Anti-christ?

Who is Rob Gill and why is he acting like a total psychopath?


I wonder why Rob Gill would vent his rage like a toddler in the presence of a population yearning for peace and ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. I wonder, is Rob Gill a shill AND a fish? Then we need to make sure he’s got enough water in his stinky tank. These mugs are great for putting the water in there and keeping him from demanding that people ruin lives of people fighting for truth.

Help Lin Wood Beat the georgia bar

Once upon a time, the Georgia Bar stood for truth, justice, honesty, virtue, sweet peaches, and all that.

Why is the Georgia Bar LYING and acting out a vendetta against Lin Wood? For exposing pedophiles? Oh OK! And WHY would any one still associate themselves with a crooked organization acting out politics? BRAINWASHED?

Hey Georgia Bar, where are your guts?

Hey Georgia Bar, are you selling out the truth?

Conformity? Fear?

Every lie will be revealed. Does that frighten you? And you stand for LAW?

Are these members of the once esteemed and now in the toilet Georgia bar aware of their actions? No, really. I know you are lawyers and pretty smart with finances, but have you looked around lately at what’s going on?

Because you’re making a HUGGGGGGE BLUNDER.

Do you not see people getting exposed for crimes against humanity? They are trying to get you, too. You think John Weaver, God Bless him, is a fluke?

Are you wealthy savages aware that YOU are fighting for evil and not against it?

“For the record, he called us wealthy savages!”

Ladies and gentlemen, why are you behaving so poorly?

Thanks LAWYERS. Maybe one day you’ll stand for what’s right and not be like the rest. Who am I to chastise these intelligent, money-making Georgian Bar superstars?

God Bless the following, and forgive me for thinking them all herbicide. I’m sure they are great people WHO CARE ABOUT CHILDREN AND TRUTH.

Connie Cooper of Georgia Bar

Christopher Connelly of Georgia Bar

Jennifer Dunlap of Georgia Bar

Jeffrey Harris of Georgia Bar

Brandon Peak of Georgia Bar

Casey Santas of Georgia Bar

Patricia Ammari of Georgia Bar

Kayla Cooper of Georgia Bar

Elizabeth Fite of Georgia Bar

Elissa Haynes of Georgia Bar

Margaret Puccini of Georgia Bar

Christian Steinmetz the 100th of Georgia Bar

Sherry Boston of Georgia Bar

Tomieka Daniel of Georgia Bar

Michael Fuller of Georgia Bar

Elizabeth too many last names of Georgia Bar

David Richards of Georgia Bar

Jennifer Ward of Georgia Bar

Dear esteemed colleagues, please do the right thing.

Lin Wood has asked us to uncover information about these people since they have an entire army against him.

You can support the good guys by going to FightBack.