Donald Trump’s CPAC Speech 2021

People from 15 countries have visited this site. The world is watching to see if we allow USA to become a socialist nation. United we stand, divided we fall.

Awaiting Trump’s speech…

Trvmp has the most DIVERSE backing, black, latinos, asian, only godless FREEDOM-HATERS or misinformed brainwashed conformists, or demon tranny hackers hate Trump.

Notice the difference?

My thoughts…

This is Stay Tuned 2.0, and the State of the Union. Where is Biden’s speech??? STILL making valid points about the fraud. It’s not going away. How can our country sit in limbo like this?

When news organizations say there was no fraud, that to suggest there was is conspiracy? Even with the obvious pointed out!

We have to have victory and triumph.

But after the last election, how can we move forward without first fixing it?

Where is Durham? Where is DECLAS?