Is Drew McKissick a Real Gremlin?

Gremlins take selfies apparently and encourage all of their 661 supporters to use insults with no substance because they are part of the oligarchy.

His team of pawns and some minion handlers (Lindsay Graham, who has a conscience but no bravery) have given Gremlin lips the strategy for dismissing a 40-year trial lawyer connected to Q.

“Call them whackadoodles.“


The dismiss them as crazy qpproach doesn’t work anymore. Even when you change the word and add visuals of butterfly nets. No wonder Lindsay Graham is so sweaty all the time. He’s having to think about how to get pancake face off the burning pan.

Look how arrogant he is that God won’t show up.

Drew tries to make his political opponents seem small and harmless but crazt. The words leave his mouth get the Mckiss of death. It makes me sick to watch him avoid and hurl insults. Even a small group of 661 South Carolinan people who would rather have status quo, turning blind eyes, than to do the right thing.