Drone Strikes on Americans

Drone strikes in America, a new event that gets as much attention from journalists as President Trvmp’s statement about fighting against an ancient sex trafficking cult. Crickets from the press, who let us come to our own conclusions, except not at all. How many more murder hornets are going to let fly, their little metal pretties and death machines dealing fire from the sky?

Who will they light up next? Which building will be burning while the trees remain standing?

Who is in charge of these drones? Why doesn’t SNL impersonate Mitt Romney underground with a remote control talking through a TR30 to the shadow president?

Will drone strikes on US citizens continue? Or are they spontaneous explosions in the city? No one will keep getting to the bottom of it, instead we are taught to believe that drone strikes turned inward at civilians are impossible.

Keep your eyes open and report any strange sightings to your sheriff.