Enjoy the Show: An Eye Drop Media and RAW Q Boswin Production

But if that one red-haired creature can hold up a fake severed head of the serving president, and if actors can stab to death a serving president on a set, and that former rapper can comply with legion and accept $$$ to fire his fake gun, and a pirate actor can ask about assassinating a guy, then it was them who set the precedent.

The double standard of the uber rich, their minions, gremlins, and pawns is that they do whatever they can to protect their way of life. Hypocrisy is a major tenet of the sinister code.

Are we going to start seeing more videos of higher quality now that the Office of the Former President is up and running?

Will we really be able to save America?

You can see that both sides are calling for destruction as two ways of life clash to the death.

On the one side, the children of light.


Spectacular Introduction