Fight the Evil System With The Spirit

The evil exists in the world and runs the parties of greed, human and drug trades, organs for who?

Do you have $25,000? You can have one. Everyone including me is glued to their TV since birth. Beyond the box behind the curtain is the invisible monster. His instructions are whispered from somewhere like a graveyard.He hears the voice and wrenches a lever.

Gears shift and the talking faces get static in their ear pieces before the orders arrive. Now don’t change that channel!

Puppets watch. Go condem them. This puppet thinks they know the answers. It feels good not being wrong and a ventriloquist.

The way to win against spirits in the heavenly reams is through Jesus Christ. The evil must be defeated through prayer.


God, bind spirits in the high places and loose your army of angels down on them. Send panic and confusion there, way into enemy camps. In the name of Jesus.