General Flynn Pardoned Even Though He was Already Innocent

Donald Trump Pardons General Flynn

Donald Trump pardoned General Flynn on JFK Jr.’s birthday, bringing closure to a foul injustice. His pardoning of an innocent man is an event every American who knows both sides of the issue is celebrating. Read Flynn’s own words.

The faithful are rejoicing. Anons are also looking forward now that Michael Flynn is released. Many abandoned Flynn out of fear, but thank the LORD for Sydney Powell, who led the battle against injustice tooth-and-nail along with a few righteous Americans who care about truth and liberty enough to take the risk.

What’s next for General Flynn?

Some believe General Flynn will retire, but many know that he will be determined to defeat the powers of darkness responsible for his “timeout”. Many believe that his pardoning acts as the 30 day countdown until the end of the deep state.

Interesting how a “baseless conspiracy theory” knew that Flynn would be fine. The corrupt evil fake media’s script master will no doubt attack the move as a grave injustice. Is it a grave injustice, or are they deathly afraid that Flynn knows where the bodies are buried and now has the freedom to use his knowledge to help eradicate the swamp?

Decide for yourself.

The Media Makes it Look Like an Unjust Act

All we want is honest reporting, is that so much to ask? Both sides are never represented, ever. Is it so much to ask that the people responsible with conveying the truth at least look at both sides? To highlight the guilty plea while ignoring everything else is lying. General Flynn was unjustly targeted, and his son’s livelihood was threatened if he refused to make the false guilty plea. Ignoring the sequence of events causing the entire situation, which shows that the whole thing is rotten to its core in the first place, is also dishonest.

If you still trust the corrupt fake evil news, but aren’t doing your own research into both sides, then please start. You can do it. Fantasy won’t last forever anyways. By our count, 27 days?