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Most people are using Telegram now. Telegram is simple and straight forward, a really nice app for easy communication.

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  1. Anonymous Patriot
  2. We The Media
  3. Lin Wood
  4. Pepe Lives Matter
  5. CJTruth
  6. The Kate Awakening Channel
  7. GeorgeNews

Forgiveness Is a Powerful Force

I will always do my best to let go of personal grievances that bring anger and bitterness. Should the dam of declassified documents burst through into the people’s hands as it seems it will, I will be there to call for love and forgiveness without sacrificing due judgment. Justice will be served but we are not barbarians.

John Solomon has said on Lou Dobbs that he expects the declassified Obama documents to be released tomorrow. Zerohedge said on Twitter (Anonymous Patriot) that Trump will rescind EU, UK, Brazil entry. Seems he means to be making decisions beyond 1.20.21

Even though people like AOC and her colour revolution comrades would seek to punish every person who would disagree with their views through ridicule, shaming, demonetizing, and ruination, we will forgive.

This act of forgiveness will be the greatest act of faith the world has seen in some time.

Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

Merciful and loving LORD, forgive us our sins and wrongs, hypocrisies, judgements, and errors. Purify us with Your truth; teach us to forgive even the most abominable transgressions.

Show us how to walk in holiness of heart. Shine Your face on all trespassers and shield us from anger and wrath. Deliver us from those who hate us wrongfully and the evil one. Show us the path to forgiveness. Give concord and rest and peace to us in Jesus’s name.

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