Forecast is Looking Like The Storm Will be Upon Us

While mainstream satanic media and the paid legions of pedo guardians assault Donald J. Trump, storm bruised clouds are gathering.

You can go and see for yourself. But this phrase with a time stamp (date posted) matching the Q post, along with Flynn posting the same video, and Dan Scavino Jr. posting interesting storm and Game. On. pictures, points to this being a huge week.

The link Q posted takes you to a music video of “We’re not gonna take it” music video.

Lin Wood also posted this picture a couple days ago:

Either this is the biggest joke in the world (doubtful) or there is really about to be a moment of reckoning for the evil one and crew.

Lin Wood has confused everyone but has also brought a bright spotlight on evil. This awesome attorney of the LORD is betting on Trump.

Life is never going to be the same. What will tomorrow bring?

God, please send your grace and justice!

I have also been banned from Twitter for the fifteenth time. People say all sorts of horrible things on there but you can’t ask God to unleash justice on evil people. If you do that, they get rid of you. Try it! The devil is afraid of nothing but JESUS, GOD, and THE HOLY SPIRIT!