Foxitis is a Double Speak Hail Mary from Quarterback Chris Cuomo

Puppet to Chris: “Run foxitis, sweet pinnochio.“

Yes papa

Global cooling, global warming, white privilege, hut hut, racism! cisgender, transgender 69, qanon, denier, anti-vaxxer, conspiracy theory…


Chris Cuomo steps back into the pocket. How will he get out of this one? He launches the ganda. I haven’t seen ganda tossed like this since Uncle Rico tried throwing it over those mountains.

Where’d all the cicadas come from? I don’t believe it! The ganda came down, hit Cuomo upside the head, and now he’s swarmed by bugs!

To the Spawn

Dear evil minions, gremlins, pawns… Nobody cares about your tapes. We aren’t like you. We don’t want to drag you through pools of shame. We don’t wish that your life on earth becomes a horrid series of moments broadcast for all to see. You fear that but stop. You do that to others… and I know in ways that are a mystery to you. I’ve seen in viscion what your future holds, not here but in hell, if you stay the way, crookedly bent to the end with the blood on you. You used to be children.

I’m talking to the bad apples and arrogant rotten fruits.

If You Still Watch Fake News

You’re disillusioned If you still watch and believe anything puked from these false pundit’s mouths.. if you hang on to their words like the slow dripping boogers from whatsherface’s nose, then you don’t see.

You don’t see how much they’ve lost their credibility. Since you don’t respond to appeals toward higher morality, allow me to appeal toward your favorite subject. YOU.

Are you wrong? Are you sure? I have thought about it long and hard. Have you?