Get Ready for 4-3-21

Hello friends on the precipice. Today I noticed people behind the counters in the stores not wearing their masks.

I learned of an incoming countdown. Remember the mirror world dates when everything was backwards? Now another coincidence.


the best photoshop of all time

April 3, 2021 = 4/3/21 = 4…3…2..1..

Credit goes where credit is due to the genius known only as symbol comms. Read the post on the Suez canal.

A countdown to what? A big boom?

EASTER! The day of Resurrection!

JUlian’s Rum Unapproved

Julian’s Rum is one of the most trusted anons, having battled Krathy Gribbith without a scratch. She carries around people’s heads, so what if it’s papier-mâché? President Trvmp played his video at a rally. Julian’s Rum warns us against crying big booms for many reasons.

I was there when he was a little too over the target. Harrison Deal, and then whaM-0, banned by jack. It seemed spontaneous. But he’s since shown a different possibility. The date he was banned happened exactly two years since he was contacted by General Flynn on Twitt er.

Point being that this date means something.

What does it mean?

Read Lin Wood’s Press Releases

Lin Wood’s latest press release is like an action movie where he disarms a con man ex navy seal. He says the propagandists can jab and throw cross punches, he’s coming with a right hook for the TKO!

We have legends in our midsts and it’s an exciting time to be alive.





God Bless!