God Bless Soldiers

I’m not talking about the soldiers of the devil(gremlins) like MF, or any seditionist liars of the press who use the word QAnon. False witnesses. I’m not talking about the murderous pack playing war games in Tulsa saying they will kill all whites on sight. Murder gets you what you earn. Fools! Instead, to them I say God bless the enemies of the Lord Jesus and mankind. Forgive them all!

God Bless the Real Soldiers

God Bless you, veterans, you real life heroes, and active service members. Defending your nation(s), you are the bravest, willing to serve for the cause of liberty and die. We rely on you to preserve and secure God’s gift. Forever, until the wars no longer orchestrated.

God bless those who fight for safety and freedom now.

Victory goes to the Lord Our God! Mighty Jehovah! Legendary LORD! Jesus Almighty, Commander of the Lord’s armies!

Thanks be to YAHWEH!

God protect your troops.