GoGetTested.com Wants to Hurry Up The Bio-Security State

There’s a company called gogettested.com who wants to use their skills to bring about our worst nightmare. Apparently, they never read any books other than about programming. Because they think that they see the future when really they are blind. Nobody thinks a Bio Security state is a good thing except the woefully misinformed.

It’s the classic story of a business having no interest in what the market wants and needs but thinking they see a golden opportunity.

Look at the reasons for launching VaxYes.

Go jump off a cliff, VaxYes. We don’t need your Vaccine cards and what’s more?


92 votes after 1-2 weeks is a failure. Did the demonic toad, Bill Gates, put you up to this? Explain to we the people why we should have to sacrifice freedom to go to a concert when the pandemic has been a fake. Why? Why? Why?

I’ll leave you with a picture posted by Sidney Powell, angel of freedom and bringer of God’s will for “deepstate death”

Gogettested.com here’s an idea for you: GOFREECHILDREN.COM. If you don’t do it, then I know you’re a cowardly group of nerdly sycophants deserving a wake up call from God.