Grasping for Meaning in a Sea of Yes Men

A single thought occurred to me today as the media continues to say QAnon, A WORD THEY MADE UP, about a plan obviously ENGINEERED and carried out with the help of Donald Trump. The thought happened as the people constantly look for details to support their foregone conclusions, reading posts about it like it’s fentanyl or crack.

If I have no idea what’s going on, then the plan is meant to create confusion and discord. But what for….?

A well known general, you might know who it is, took the opposite position to what I could ever expect (BAD). It happened after seeing how he thinks. He knows all about game theory, is very well learned, beyond every single anon I can tell you that much. And his management style is similar to what Q’s seems to be. I talked about this once on Twitter but was shut down even though we were all believing then that numbers put into a search box on a random website changed into secret code.

Point is, if I don’t know what’s going on, maybe that’s the point. For good or bad, but he seemed good.

In The Art of War it talks about confusion.

These are: repulse, relaxation, distress, disorganisation, confusion and rout.

Sun Tzu

REPULSE: Horrible people run the world.

RELAX: Patriots in control. Follow this guy and that one whoever they are because they are the good guys! Look it’s JFK Jr!


DISORGANISATION: MASS CENSORSHIP, PLATFORM CENSORED, people think you are a conspiracy theorist

CONFUSION: WHY IS NOTHING HAPPENING? Get the vaccine or don’t get it? Why does the media keep making up a word and reporting on it? Why aren’t the lights on at night at the White House?

ROUT: __________________________________

What would have to happen for the rout? What would destroy? I didn’t mean to go this direction. It can be just as true about the enemy. The distress could be the media writing article after article. Nobody knows except God and satan and maybe 10 people, good or evil, who knows.

More on Confusion

“The way to defeat them is to assault their camp, throw it into confusion and crush their spirit, advance softly, and retire quickly; tire them out, avoid a serious encounter, and they may be defeated.

Sun Tzu

The media has avoided all serious encounters. Why haven’t we organized and demanded them to address the question? Because some of these people acting like they know are planted in there to be like Buzz Lightyear and never think. Look it’s the number 17! (crowd gasps)

Or maybe the media is in distress right now, does it seem like it?

Observe the state of their ranks; and, if there be confusion, do not hesitate to strike.

Sun Tzu

We all expect something. You have an idea of the plan and know it remains a big nothing. Or does it?

To oppose confusion with order, clamor with quiet, is to have the heart under control.

Sun Tzu

These wise words apply to both sides. We are at war, confusion is everywhere. But there’s one thing I will never be confused about.

Through God all things are possible.

Jesus Christ

And through Christ is eternal life and salvation. It’s enough for me. You say it’s not enough because you’re a &&*^*&^%*&. If there is a plan to destroy us then there will be an event to try and prove the Bible is fake. Do it after an Alien invasion with widespread coverage? ROFL. This world is retarded, so stop caring about the things in it. All you have to do to know it’s retarded is to look at all the retards on the news. I mean Spiritually.

God will surprise them unless our faith gets destroyed. Nothing is known, and no one knows. Stop following the headlines, quit reading this site, and go do something. One thing you could do is to confront a journalist peaceably and ask the slimy liar why they

1. won’t admit the depth of the plan or that it is a plan (they are already working or have the answer, watch)

2. invented a word and write stories about it. It’s either propaganda or insanity, a combination even.

You are someone very special. You don’t deserve to be demonized for believing in a plan (overwhelming evidence it is one) that promised protection for the children missing, and freedom from the artificial people who run things. Even the search engine involved in all of this, gave an estimate of 800,000 missing kids. Even our celebrities joked about it with this figure widely available. We are different to them and they hate us for it because we care about others. It’s Cain and Abel 2.0.

I do think they’ve completely underestimated hell. But that’s what retards do.

People who read QAnon articles are stupid because the articles are stupid. They are written by devils for idiots or for the peripherals of the all-important “too busy to care.” These people can’t be bothered. We all are sinners but one side wants to ignore their own as they attempt to point out ours.

Right now we must pray for forgiveness. I forgive the news and I’m sorry to you news people for calling you spiritual retards. I hate what you’re doing but I don’t hate you. God will take care of it and I submit to God.