Great Awakening Video Part IV

Now the real story is almost ready to begin as the true heroes will be revealed.

Maybe you’re one of them. Depending on what happens, let nothing shake you or your faith. My faith is strong and yours is too. Nothing changes the only outcome that ever mattered and now we launch into prayer.

This is just a broken world, and they forget that hell exists. Pity for everyone. God do you see how they taunt you and your children? Protect us O Jesus, leader of the armies and wield the sword of your mouth, slice them on both sides.

Glory be to MOST GENEROUS God in Jesus’s name! Holy Father thank you… I forgive them all and I love them. Still, justice.

Foil their plans, lead them astray, but be our shepherd and show us the way.

Hurl lightning at the deceivers, give them a taste of the hell they’ve earned a piece of. Vengeance is yours, show mercy on them.

You can’t bastardize the us. We are the children on God, adopted, chosen. Our spiritual brother is none other than Jesus. The spirit courses through our veins.

And I bless you, my beautiful enemy! With the saving blood of Christ, here, sprinkle it over you.

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