Great Awakening Video VI

The godless world is trying to squeeze righteousness out like wringing water from a rag. You’re either a part of this force of evil or not. We are watching the end of the great awakening video. Or is it the beginning? We all have parts. The worst ones go to the sheep.

Hate us, we love you!

This site has people who make predictions about the future, show the horrors of psychological attacks in the information war, attack evil, miscalculate, lose hope, imagine scenarios, preach Christ, fight programming, call out blatant lies, confront that making no sense, sin, encourage return to Christ, FORGIVE.

Turn you toward Jesus, reveal your own evil side, or land in denial. Even with evidence all around of the same ancient evil and devilry the Bible talks about openly and to the letter, you do not see? There’s passages written about you.

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