Great Awakening Video

It’s the video playing 24 hours a day. One thing is clear. UNCERTAINTY. Endless amounts of CONTRADICTING information, disinformation, and comms are produced by the minute about diseases, famine, conspiracies, racism, sexism, murder, weather, and everything except the real horrors.

Those of you who aren’t standing now, who will never stand, will live with a lifetime of regret. 

With enough money and blackmail, you can accomplish anything. Without any fear of God, you’ll do whatever is asked.

Trust the plan?

Some say that the plan is the reason there’s no civil war, no World War 3 right now. Is this a masterplan for freedom or total enslavement? 

Is there really a good force at work on behalf of humanity? Or is the devil’s grand scheme happening in real time, devised to be impossible to detect? 

The colour revolution in the United States of America continues as the ‘trans-generational crime syndicates and elite death cults’ who have become a single globalist force, proceed with their plans for a great reset, which is to render property obsolete and make us all slaves under the guise of financial equality. 

Our freedom of speech, religion, everything is under assault, and many of our young men and women have been so indoctrinated and saturated with ideas that are anti-freedom, and anti-human. They’ve captured our institutions, used technology against our youth, and trained them to be blithering idiots.

If they succeed with rolling out this documented plan, rumors are that they want to cut the world population by 90%. Conspiracy? 

The vaccine is brand new technology. Dr. Zelenko has spoken about the potential for adverse effects that manifest later, altering our DNA.

As the evil one maneuvers to keep his legion of wicked minions, gremlins, and pawns hidden, there’s still one thing we keep hearing:

Nothing can stop what’s coming. Nothing.

Offense is defense for the mockingbird media whose overwhelming response to a CONSPIRACY THEORY has been nothing short of strange.

Hundreds of millions of Patriots around the world have heeded the call to fight under God for transparency, justice, freedom. The new FOMO will be for those who realize that they DIDN’T STAND UP AGAINST OBVIOUS TYRANNY. And this missing out will last a lifetime.

Are these events preordained or happening by the minute? Are we watching a great awakening video?

“Nobody would have predicted that I and Dr. Fauci would be so prominent in these really evil theories.”

Very true. Nobody would have ever thought you would be accused of intentionally killing people to the degree that your comments had to be turned off. Nobody thought people like you or Epstein existed. Do you deny you met with him over and over? 

“The fake news… it’s called the swamp. And you know what happened and you know what I did? I caught the swamp! Let’s see what happens!”

Donald J. Trump
45th POTUS

Will Trvmp really be able to save America? Or is he another great actor playing a role in this theater of evil? Time will tell if he is the greatest hero or villain of all. 

What do I think? Read the blog.

Are you OKay With Cancel Culture?

Then you are morally retarded. They ban you when you reveal their secrets and expose their evil for all to see. See how satan even got the kids to bludgeon their own poor neighbors in WW2?

And for those who think satan is nothing but a fairy tale, how many SRA victims have you listened to? Right. You haven’t even looked.

See how the Mandalorian fires the person who posts a picture from history?

Police brutality is when your neighbor’s son is encouraged by the police to put on one of their hats and kill you.

Watch these videos below for more truth, and make up your own mind, but who bans a documentary? 

Who bans people for producing historical photographs depicting events? Who fires acclaimed actresses for posting political pictures that reveal the horrors of history under the Nazis.

“Baseless conspiracy” has been said enough times to make it a catch phrase popular among flocks of sheep who only know bahh.

Little do they know, there’s no escape from the great awakening as tyranny plays out live on their TVs.

People will be telling their grandkids it was “a time of much confusion,” but we’ll have the proof they were either apathetic and brainwashed. 

Remember, nothing is suspicious about banning documentaries. Now be a good sheep and go watch my 600 lb life with a bag of Doritos. 

Fall of the Cabal Part 1

Stunning start to this entire saga. You’ll never believe another word from CNN.

Fall of the Cabal Part 2

The royal family is really creepy. Explain the kid trying to escape out the window.

Out of shadows official

A Hollywood stunt man finds out the awful truth, makes a documentary, gets millions of views, then is CENSORED.

There Used to Be a Video Here

This isn’t fake, but it doesn’t exist now. No record of this video, move along. 

Does Questioning = Cult?

One question that wakes people up is when you ask them if it’s okay to ask questions or should that be prohibited? Is asking questions the sign of a death cult?

Could this be the truth of what’s really going on? Can you answer the question?

You Must Not Ask Those QUestions!

What happens when you lose the freedom to ask questions?

Q Post 4750

You Must Associate these Two Together!

What happens when you get told how to think in subtle yet nefarious ways?

Screenshot of evil on 1/17/21

You Must Comply with How we think or Else!

An all out assault on the truth and free speech? 

Attacks and warnings but not news.

Traitors and Conspiracy Theories

Why are they talking about traitors and conspiracy theories? Why are both sides using the same words to describe one another? We know who the traitors are.

Anon Videos

People not making any money, producing videos on their own for a cause they believe in. 

These videos can get you up to date with the content that nobody wants you to see, even though there’s no nudity, cursing, or images, but scary ideas.


People coming together to go against evil plans isn’t going to work to them. So the resistance has been upped. Now, freedom seekers are domestic terrorists!


How America Was Almost Destroyed by Criminals

Q – We are the plan

The Best Is Yet To Come – Trump 2020

True Patriots From All Countries Fight For Freedom

This country was built on freedom, wasn’t it? Or was it all a lie? Yes, some of the founders owned slaves. Lincoln ended it and was shot in the back of the head by a member of the occult. 

Give me liberty or give me death. Life isn’t worth living like a slave.

No matter the line of reasoning, history has shown that the only people who censor are those who are corrupt and afraid of what’s being said. And the only ones who want your guns are those who plan to kill you, like Stalin! 

With widespread election fraud, censorship, and information warfare, the battle has reached the precipice. 

The Rise of Hatred

Hatred is the new religion of the left.

When in 2012 Trump said death to pedophiles, swift and easy, he sealed his fate in the minds of his enemies.

They maybe didn’t take him seriously though until it looked like he could win.

Then they pulverized him with an onslaught of lies, bearing false witness, saying things like he urinated on prostitutes on the bed 44 slept on in Moscow.


Now, misguided people hate Trump. They are in the minority, believing themselves on moral high ground. They hate him because of the overwhelming hatred cast toward him over four years. They have no ability or concern to examine truths and discern between facts.

They turned many good people into HATERS this way. Hatred has soared in recent years thanks to its promotion. Stop the hate.

To their horror, hundreds of millions of people are calling for truth and justice.

Solution: CALL THEM VIOLENT RACISTS in need of reeducation!

Now, they’ve basically equated us to insects. And you know what insects need? Exterminators!

Their cold lifeless eyes are searching for a solution to the torrential downpour on their schemes. They want to punish us for having our own beliefs incompatible with evil, how dare we speak out against them without mincing words?

That’s how this movie is playing out. They will do anything to hide their dark truth from the prying eyes of the world.

Smart strategy to accuse your enemy of what you actually are. Psychological projection.

They Projected then Silenced people And Called it Deplatforming

No one disagrees that the evil one is a master schemer. The other guy actually swore in on a Bible with inverted crosses and the people standing behind him faded out of the scene when the camera came back on him. But no, Trvmp is bad!

One example of their scheming technique is to call Donald Trump a fascist for starting no wars and promoting free speech. 

What Can You Even Do?

The one area with endless opportunity resides in the Bible. Everyone’s way is different but the same story. 

A second opportunity is to break the bonds with companies you will no longer do business with. Or cut down on their use. 

A third is to have a mission that is at its core against evil plans but more than just doing a job.

4. Train and know the law. 

5. Show your disapproval of and dissatisfaction with people who support the censors and act apathetic toward child trafficking. 

Pray for and bless our enemies in a private setting where it’s just you and God.

Wait for Myanmar to repeat across continents for the greater good of we the people. 

Send letters to state representatives. They will be your souvenirs at the end of the video.

Breaking Our Programming or Driving us to Madness?

The Trump administration fully embraces the plan. They did much good, according to Q and some others and were vilified. But they also produced a new form of vaccine technology that receives conflicting reports and chilling accounts of death and hidden statistics.

The worst thing of all is that

The Forces of Evil Live in Darkness

After looking at the evidence, we can’t do this without God. They are evil. God is the only way forward.

As Jesus Lifts Both Body and Soul from the Shadows and Delivers Truth into the Light

Evil exists because we have free will. It’s why we choose to do things that prevent us from having the promise of peace. Evil spirits believe in God. 

Jesus delivers peace. Jesus alone is the savior who cast out evil spirits with full authority. Christians can cast out demons (Acts 16:16-18) 

Lies about Jesus are everywhere. Liars are influenced by evil spirits because Jesus is a threat to their existence.

The truth is simple and powerful. You have to have faith, assurance of the future without knowing the details.

God made the world a place that would be impossible to find fulfillment in reason alone but where faith was required.

Faith is one of those things that science can’t touch with a pair of tweezers.

We are told it’s a fairy tale. Our politicians and the elite know better. And since they think of us as property, they want us left in the dark. They don’t want us lighting God’s torch.


Christianity is freedom – no wonder they hate the Light of Truth

Jesus Christ is the most powerful force on earth. Seek his face and see what happens. Seek his strength and watch your spirit bulk up.

Christianity is difficult and we fail over and over. It is the path of MOST RESISTANCE. Our culture makes sure of that. Many leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke Christ-centered messages get assassinated, churches get taken over by bad guys, they undermine everything. 

Politicians and celebrities investigating rings of death and horror get suicided or murdered. 

Abortions happen all day every day, shredded babies, a sacrifice to their gods, same as in the days when they threw babies into the furnace fires. Think rituals.

Widespread worship of money and fame is our sad life. Money trickles down and spreads its roots thick and people become obsessed by it. It is the de rigor standard for measuring value.

Life in a money-driven matrix.

Jesus said it’s easier to go through the eye of a needle than to be rich and get into heaven. Kids are programmed with channels and technology to fulfill instant desires, and foster desires for agreement, approval, and money.

Prayers Move Mountains

We need to pray constantly all day. God, I thank you for our courageous leaders battling the works of the devil. I pray you guide them through and make them succeed. Shield them from the fiery darts of the evil one. I pray you strengthen them and be their rock. 

Prayers from an earlier time when people knew about the sacred.

Jesus heals the sick

Jesus Christ our Lord is the Physician of salvation grant unto us all who are sick your heavenly healing. Look upon all faithful people and take their souls into Your keeping, and deliver them from all sickness and infirmity; through Jesus Christ. Amen.

JEHOVAH, destroy our foes

Receive, O Lord, the prayers of Thy people, that all adversaries, and unnatural adversities be destroyed, so they may serve Thee in quiet freedom, and give Thy peace in our times; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

holy spirit fill our beings

We implore Thee, Almighty God, let our souls enjoy being enkindled by Thy Spirit, that being filled, as lamps, by the Divine gift, we may shine like righteous lights before the Presence of Thy Son Christ at His coming; through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



 Time for a change and a reckoning. When the enemy worships the devil, there’s only one person you can turn to. If you really believed in prayer, you would do it. By not doing it you treat it like it’s flimsy, not real. Take it seriously.

The Lion and the Lamb

Look around enough and it becomes clear that there’s something very wrong with our world. 

It’s like a nightmare because we’ve distanced ourselves from God. Take a look any which way through time, history, and the sciences, and our arrogance does us in every time.

More accurately, it’s always been like this. Since Rome at least.

We take morality like it’s nothing but an optional and itchy sweater. We want to live in endless summer in a world with seasons because they plant that desire in us. They make it seem like they only throw pool parties for cool people, never in real life but on video.

It’s all fake.

We must take back our culture, country, and restore family, faith, and community. Stable and generous lives for all! These are extremist words.

There’s a lot of truth on this site, that’s why it gets all of its traffic from Duck Duck Go. 

You still with me? Many meander off, it’s too much to withstand the thought of the spiritual war. Easier to say it’s make-believe. 

The elites are something else altogether, but they mostly hide it.

Does sanctity exist to be defiled? 

Under the light.

Dark money, dark intent.

Professional pretending.

Starting wars and creating hate.

How can such a powerful, evil, and established enemy be defeated? And why won’t they come out and own all their evilness? 

Disrupt the thinking with question overload, commitment to truth and justice, confirm with subtle assurance, open source research. Convincing hundreds of millions.

The Most Powerful Source

We underestimate the power of the book. You have the source. The sword of the spirit. Armor, God, truth, it’s all here unless hidden away untouched. Each of us have different gifts, do you know yours? Ask and so shall you receive it.

Is this the Great Awakening or a Black Awakening ?

We are on the precipice of something… we have never heard of anything like this except on Netflix.

Are we waking up to the realization that the world is more corrupt than could ever be imagined? Are we waking up to the greatest betrayal ever made? Or is it a second harvest? Revelations or II Kings?


They make the real difference in the battle of good versus evil. The righteous follow God.


If you get your information from one side, do you really have an accurate understanding of what’s happening?

Prayer Against Spirits

There have been high severity attacks on this website. This prayer is aimed at the person who is attempting to trespass on my land and do me harm.

Deliver us from evil, O LORD and protect us! When we lift the shield of faith, extinguish the fiery arrows.  Send the angels upon the demons who try to do us harm and harm to Your people, and turn them into dust blown and scattered by the wind at our feet. In Jesus’ name. 

“May burning coals fall on them; may they be thrown into the fire, into miry pits, never to rise.”

Psalms 140:10
King David