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You can learn all about the terms below from this book.

War is Peace

Did you know that starting fires, knocking people senseless, kicking them again in the face when they’re down, killing police officers (both black and white) is peace?

Pepe Lives Matter

Did you know that setting fire to buildings, spreading the flames, chanting death wishes, and screaming bloodcurdling cries for revenge while stomping on cars are all examples of peace?

In mirror world an evil marxist organization masquerading as a human rights movement is up for the peace prize. If you disagree, then you are a racist because War is Peace.

war is peace

But there’s still hope for you. If you’re having a hard time believing that War is Peace, try first to recognize that ignorance is strength.

Ignorance is Strength

Yes, just like red bull gives you wings, ignorance gives you strength. Your strength comes when you have a lack of knowledge or information. It sounds wrong, but hear me out.

-Lin Wood On The Opposite of Ignorance

When you haven’t seen the haymakers dropping people on the streets of Portland, or the follow-up field goal attempts aimed at their skulls, or the arsonists’ flames alighting buildings and cars, then that’s ignorance. And ignorance is strength! It’s strength because you have a kind of shield that keeps you safe from THEM (at least for now).

Freedom is slavery

If you have a conscience and even a morsel of bravery, then you may want to voice your concerns. It’s best in such instances to remember that freedom is slavery.

Freedom is slavery because if you go against the wishes of the evil one’s minions, gremlins, and pawns, then you’ll be treated like a slave.

You could lose your job for one and become something of a subhuman. You could be defamed as an anti-Semite or racist, even if you aren’t, it doesn’t matter to them. If you keep at it long enough then who knows the punishment you’ll endure.

Or if you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll be ostracized just like a slave, People you once knew and loved, maybe your own children, might abandon you.

So you see, freedom is really slavery.


TODAY WE LEARNED THE TRUTH. The ANTI-TRVMP Linc0ln Project, pretending to be noble like Abraham, has a co-founder who attempted many times to trade sex for political favors. EVEN WITH YOUNG BOYS AGE 14. Do you know the people who supported him? People Like Ritt M0mney.

DonJr Breaks the News

So all you Trvmp haters out there, every lie is being revealed. You’re supporting the ped0s and they’re being exposed. Now may be the time to overcome the old “ignorance is strength” routine.

In Mirror World Your Trusted News Anchors Tell You That Medicine kills you!

The media lied about hydroxychloroquine, now it’s official. The angel known as Dr. Stella Immanuel was attacked by these devil-possessed people for SHARING HERE EXPERIENCE WITH 100% TREATMENT SUCCESS. She became a hero in the onslaught.

They still attempt to sully her reputation.

You can read about hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness and SAFETY in the American Journal of Medicine. The uprising has started and there’s no going back. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR LIES AND DEATHS.


Remember when this congressman shagged a spy, lied every day, attacked Trvmp, AND FARTED LIKE A GOPHER EATING MILK DUDS ON LIVE TV? (as Catturd might say).

That gopher will be sitting on the Trvmp impeachment hoax part II.

The Old Freudian Slip

We are watching a movie, a great awakening video.

Things are going well in mirror world, the production of childhood death is reaching record numbers!

God Bless

Hey minions and gremlins, pawns and grubs, jokers and thieves, ped0vores, you can’t kill the message by attacking the messenger. Your lies will come back on you tenfold. You watch and see it happen.

Join Telegram if you care about free speech.

God Bless, Stay Strong, FIGHT, pray.

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