Happy Blessed Sunday My Friends

This video was shared by We the People’s General Flynn and is a must watch. I also update on some current events. Stay humble, listen, verify!

From the Video

  1. We are living in a world where there is total defamation full of baseless accusations. Recall the commandment: thou shall not BEAR FALSE WITNESS.
  2. We are living in a world of dark journalism
  3. This is an immaculate deception on a global scale
  4. People that live in the flesh aren’t understanding the realm of the spirit and are becoming mockers, which are dejected spirits
  5. People in the Philippines have experienced Dominion for a while, and they are also providing proof of the vote-changing machines
  6. Christians must pray at this time and the more together the better
  7. People who are mocking you, me, and especially Donald are bashing blabbers acting in the flesh, completely unhumble like Esau, who condemned Jacob.
  9. Luke Chapter 7
  10. He talks about Ravi Zacharias, but doesn’t talk about the evidence of the accusation, which is weak evidence if you ask me. I would DEMAND the witnesses come forward and talk. If you were moved by Ravi, demand they come forward. Otherwise, what credit do they have? His answer on Ravi is inadequate but the rest is good.
  11. Have patience not panic, Trump won.

Democrats are the Party of Death and Defamation

They are the party of:

  1. Abortion
  2. Domestic terrorism
  3. Cancel culture
  4. Defamation

Do normal people, when you ask them, “can I inspect the voting system please?” hire someone with a gun to kill you?

No. No they don’t.

Now is the time to stand up against brainwashed people for what is coming is ordained by the LORD our God.

Q Has them Cornered


This video is superb and comes recommended by Lin Wood. It’s an overview of the entire military operation told by a brave warrior who at one time aspired to become a senator. It was until he learned of the massive corruption and disgusting nature of the swamp that he decided to change his career. Yet, he couldn’t resist keeping track of events. He knows precisely what is going on and sums it up in 35 minutes, leaving time for Q and A.

Key Points From the Video

  1. The operation to destroy the Satanic pedophiles in the cabal that run the world and hoard resources kicked off after the murder of Kennedy.
  2. Our previous presidents planned to destroy America and are responsible for 9/11 domestic terror attacks.
  3. Obama set the stage in 8 years for Hillary to come in and mop up the rest. Their ultimate goal of destroying America involves the Uranium 1 scandal. The plan was to launch a nuke on the United States and then “trace it back to Putin,” thus setting the stage for all-out nuclear war that would effectively thin the herd of the world’s population. (Like in the movie The Sum of All Fears).
  4. Admiral Rogers is a Hero who helped turned the tide when he became the director of the NSA. The NSA was collecting everything we do and say for offensive purposes–to use it against us. Or at least, they did.
  5. Our mutual enemy is going to lose and they are currently cornered. Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing.
  6. Now is the time to stand up and wake people up.
  7. The future is incredibly bright. Imagine the resources hoarded and the wealth of the elite (evil families) freed and given to people who need it.


BlackOut In Pakistan and at the Vatican: Arrests?

Remember: nothing that undermines the satanic pedos is going to be on the news as it currently operates. When events rapidly unfold, then maybe it will be on OANN or Newsmax, but I believe we will get an emergency broadcast first. You can access the Vatican live link and see that it did go completely dark there. Somebody DID cut the power.

Read the article here.

Listen to the Thrive Time Show

Lin Wood Fireside Chat 7. Of course, they are really working hard to ban him from voicing his opinions. Imagine that! If this highly reputed defamation and libel lawyer were spinning falsehoods like the mainstream demon worshippers do every day, why not just sue him? Reason is, the truth is an absolute defense.

Looks Like Parler is About to Disappear as they Start CENSORING

WELL, nice knowing you Parler “home of free speech”. Won’t abandon you yet because of Dan Bongino. Amazon laid the hammer of silence on them and now they are defunct.

More Videos to Watch about the Great Awakening on 1/10/2021

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