Happy Easter: Jesus Christ is the Savior

Jesus Christ is risen, indeed.

God bless you! Today we honor the sacrifice and miracle of Jesus Christ and the resurrection. Glory to GOD in the highest! The sacrifice saved us. What a miracle and gift!

Blessings to All

We are all hypocrites. God bless Paypal who opposes voter ID but requires an ID to register with them. It’s waaaaay different because it’s voting! Far less important. God Bless Coca cola for their products that promote a healthy and free society! God Bless Major League Baseball and the New York Mets for saying trust the science and then ignoring it! God bless Goldman Sachs for usury! God bless us all us sinners.

God Bless these Heroes

In Jesus’s Name on this Holy and Blessed Day, God bless Derek Jeter. He cares about black people! He knows because he is multiracial. He wants no IDs. It makes sense because it does. Just agree with him. If you don’t… you’re probably a racist. Why? Because [insert fabricated theory with no grounding in reason or logic, impossible to prove, BASELESS].

Their Response

You don’t want marginalized people to vote?

A Racist Response

Why do we require IDs for everything else? On things that minorities, PEOPLE, NEED.

Is it more likely that it’s a race issue or that IDs threaten to stop cheaters from cheating?

With a Straight Face

It sounds like you believe in conspiracy theories.

Call me names you invented. All I want is truth

Is the truth that power is more easily stolen, kept, and used when there’s no IDs? The hypocrisy is as clear as Jesus is the savior.


Derek! Such heroism! You lived every day playing a game for MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS. Now you’re proving you can still play games like a pro. You know we require IDs for almost everything? Voting IDs are racist though! I never would have come to that conclusion. All IDs must be racist or only some of them? Thank you, for your talents that led the New York Rich Millionaires to victories celebrated by your fans like the return of Jesus!

Do you realize the impact of your words? I think God and satan know with precision unfathomable. Can you explain why you’re doing this in a way that helps me, 100 million of us and more understand?

BlackMail Is Evil

Did DEREK JETER get blackmailed like the rest of them? It’s okay, DEREK JETER, I know you employ a TEAM of money lovers to track when your name appears in the engines of despair. Fear not, they already locked me in the basement.


satan’s little engine barely recognizes my existence. You’re being tested, DEREK JETER and so are you his little brand manager. This message will find you. Bet on it. And you, the one assisting evil, bet on it.

Brush it off. Prove me wrong. I want to understand.

I have seen evidence that black mail can bring heroes to their knees and reduce them to pawns. I pray our LORD resurrects your will to live for God. Jesus has the only opinion of us that matters. THE ONLY JUDGE IS GOD.

Jesus Wins So I Choose to fight Like Flynn & Lin

The election is WIDELY CONTESTED. SCIENTIFIC PROOF. Only the swallowers of the sweet toxic nectar of propaganda refuse to look.

The kool-aid they drink kills how they think. Only the frightened fail to stand on the brink.


Like the Germans when those brown shirt wearing FREAKS clubbed and beat down their neighbors in bloody piles of flesh and bone. Wonder what those who turned a blind eye to atrocities are doing now? I pray they’re forgiven. That’s the difference. We Christians love and pray for you. You shame and seek to destroy us. Who will triumph, good or evil?


Jesus is the savior.

About to turn the tables.


Jesus Christ is risen.

People in this clown world act as though the world is IT. They act like they are immortals, free of God’s justice, the world just started from nothing, and that there’s no single truth except climate change and white privilege. Truth is in the eye of these beholders.

As long as the money flows into their pockets like children sex slaves and fentanyl into the nation, “they good.” Right Pete Davidson, Beck Bennett, Kate Mckinnon? Do something.

Keep Doing You

Don’t think about it and maybe your version of things will be true. Comedy is so awesome and good and great and fun! Or maybe there’s a truth, it’s exclusive, and you’re in war against it.

God bless you either way, I love you. The countdown is over. The day is here.