Here They Come To Take Away Biden’s Premature Declaration of Victory!

Here comes the states filing in against GA, MI, WI, and PA. Those corrupt states are going down in flames. Below you can read an overview from 8chan or one of them.

Now for a bunch of random crap.

Trump retweeted a Q account name Major Patriot three times. And today Q posted a link to this video.

This below was quickly getting censored or suppressed, so read it!

Joe Biden pulled his dog’s tail and fell, right after he got out of the shower. Strange, considering you learn not to pull an animal’s tail when you’re two years old and realize it consciously by three. Many believe that it’s similar to when John M. got the boot. Following the boot was his execution.

Ken Sorbo is defending the rights of free speech and questioning the Coronavirus narrative. Thank you, Hercules, for rising up and fighting the good fight.

Ian Michael Chong or is it Ian Michaels Chong? I could easily find out. However, for the sake of time I just want to post this flattering and completely original image (no adjustments) and say, “Way to go!”

Nobody’s getting any money for this, and I’m writing it in a Walmart’s parking lot. Now that I’m driving South for the winter, things are looking up.