Heroes Take a Stand

Did you think I was dead? I’m not dead. The only time I was really dead was when I accepted the disgusting as the truth and lived by it without any understanding.

The great awakening absent of Christ is NESARA/GESARA QAnon/Cheap Trump Coins. It’s the creepshow in the comments on Telegram where jokers take lightly that which they don’t understand. They say things to make your skin curl, make ¥£€, or confuse you. Let’s love them to death. Their punisher cometh.

No matter what comes down, alien spaceship from Anarctica, Covid strain from hell, evil dna enhanced soldiers, whatever, never lose faith in the LORD Jesus Christ the Nazarene.

Always Wear the Helmet of Salvation and Hold the Shield of Faith

Never ever ever give up on your journey back to our Father. Sin less and take a stand against your sins. Don’t hate yourself for too long beyond the conviction of guilt. Don’t be like me, calling them names even though it’s fun and makes us feel better. Find something in you that’s wrong and change it gradually. Flee from it, never think of it, and stay away. If you fall back own it and move forward by asking for forgiveness, renouncing it and requesting the Holy Ghost to help you change.

We live in times of great temptation. You could before sit on a rock and have no one in site, no drugs, liquor, or people having sex in front of you. Now take as much as you want, with everybody saying have some more. Put on your armor you heroes and stand against your biggest temptations.




God Bless!

Now I Swing The Sword of the Spirit

Which is the word of God.