The Great Awakening Video Part II

There’s a plan in place, and part of it is to have faith in God while watching events happen like a movie. This is fine but it’s April and there’s been no word from Q, who says we have everything we need. There’s been no arrests, no DECLASS, and the media is beginning to set up Christians as the scapegoat for new strains of the virus.

Far more likely is that the plan is what we all think and hope it is, and it’s moving forward. I believe that Q is a gift from God!

Have Faith in Yourself, Humanity, and God.

“Trust the plan.”

– Q

The Plan of God in the Hands of Man

Trusting a plan is hard to do unless you believe in it and have good reason to. Did God help Q engineer the greatest plan ever conceived? Or is the devil using God to set up Christians to fall. The plan is real. It was made, tested, and perfected to guide people toward the type of thinking that’s dangerous to tyrants because it grants access to the truth while exposing evil. Yet, nothing decisive from the plan has happened. However, things are in motion and the world is in an adjusting period that feels like birth. The only thing I can be sure of is that the plan is real and it’s unbelievable in its detail.

Dismantling evil powers take time. It’s just so heart-breaking seeing how 30%, by expert estimations, of these kids entering our country will be trafficked and raped while Biden and Kamala laugh. We are watching a movie perhaps, but it seems too real.

A Comparison Between Mockingbird and the 17th Letter

The Mockingbird Media repeats the same statements over and over through an echo chamber. Q uses statements to create context, asks questions systematically, defines words and concepts, stepping in only when free thinkers need clarification. But Q is no where to be found right now. Buying into the media means you have the worst of advisors, is the same true of Q? Is this a good cop, bad cop situation? See Occam’s razor.

THE GREAT AWAKENING refers to this current epoch of history where power returns to the people through the loving mercy and grace of God.

Each Q post is presented as a stepping stone over the filth toward the river of truth, which flows to God. After [the plan] went live, and people took notice, the media knew what it was up against. Or were they ready all along? Their response was to launch a campaign of misinformation, projection, and hatred.

They responded not like journalists, but like an army of nervous hyenas laughing, biting, fighting against a serious and powerful mortal enemy.

QAnon is a straw man

They created a straw man named QAnon. Nobody on TV talks about Q, only QAnon. Either the media dug itself into a hole that will seal their destruction, or else they are helping to string along the greatest deception.

At least they showed us our enemies

Why does Google hide everything? The Q pages of primary sources, which every HONEST scientist will tell you is important for honest debate are hidden, even blacklisted. You are discouraged from investigation. Social media companies fly overhead like vultures of the apocalypse, joining in the fray with censorship. Nobody will have an honest conversation. One side says QAnon this and QAnon that while the other denies knowing what QAnon is. Does this seem right to you?

The Plan to Defeat Evil Around the World or Destroy Christianity

Test all things; hold fast to that which is good.


The plan worked from the start, but some people are still asleep. They think Q is a conspiracy or a cult, but they are wrong. The plan is real. It’s engineered to promote free-thought and discernment, not to tell you how to think. The problem is that besides that, we are left to wonder about the possibility of ulterior motives. The media makes bogus claims about the straw man, but no one forces them to confront the most obvious. Why not?

What’s the plan??

No one except the 10 people behind Q know the full extent of it. That’s the story any way. Q and the plan is anything but what the Mockingbird Machine says it is. They are in a fight for their existence, which Q threatens to put out. Q is either a gift from God, the modern day removal of Egyptian oppressors, or an operation to destroy Christianity.

The War Against Free Speech & The Mind

If you read the Q posts, it becomes obvious that it’s not a series of random questions and posts but a complex architecture of ideas structured to be understood. Taken as a whole, the Q drops function like a carefully engineered critical thinking program with training in civil disobedience and digital war. Q uses scripture to motivate and draw in Christians. For as much as the Mockingbird Media loves science and demands compliance with it, you would think they’d be embracing the method Q advocates and demonstrates. Compare it with the scientific method and you will find the same underlying principles. That’s why the whole thing stinks, why are they acting this way? Bad cop or are they really evil. We won’t know until something happens other than confirmation about the plan moving forward.


Q presents itself like 10 Masters of the highest echelons appearing out of thin air to destroy an evil empire. The difference is that they first had to show that the empire was real. They’ve revealed some things but there’s really no conclusive proof. Clearly they want us to believe they are wise and good for making people realize the truth for themselves, however, what’s changed?

Unlike propaganda and critical race theory, which divides, shames, and disempowers the people it purports to lift up, Q’s mantra is WWG1WGA, and it includes every free person in every nation. All Q ever did was dare to ask questions and call on people to collect, organize, and evaluate information.

And that’s why their reaction is so over the top. They’re either in panic or playing a role to make everything Q says seem true.

The Start of the Great Digital War

After building and equipping the digital army, the first battles of online warfare over the truth began. In the months of 2020, the battle reached its peak. Armies of paid trolls created accounts and attacked the sanity of patriots but they were ready. Bots arrived with preprogrammed vitriol and lies attacked. This website was attacked 40 times in two days. I was shocked. It happened right after uploadeding the video of Dr. Stella talking about her 100% success rate from using hydroxychloroquine. Later she was proven right.

Patriots engaged in the digital war fought with such ferocity that they were banned. Trump, Flynn, everyone banned. The most shocking part of it all was the weak response from liberals with fat bellies filled with the sour milk of propaganda. Thank God we don’t have the brown-shirts rounding people up the neighbors because… would they even do anything? If

The Great Account Purge of 2020

After being exposed online, the call was made for damage control. In a fight to the death, they decided to live another day. With the click of a button, corporations banned their users for exercising free speech. If you believe that innocent people have nothing to hide, but voted against Donald Trvmp, you never read the plan. This is even more dangerous because you have no idea how it works and if it’s for evil purposes you won’t know the difference.

Notice how I didn’t say you need to enter re-education camps, go to jail, or be prosecuted as a domestic terrorist. Those kind of psychotic refrains are reserved for the evil one’s minions, gremlins, and pawns. Patriots were banned and great lengths were taken to control free speech. They even banned apps and threw platforms off of servers. Do innocent people act like this? But pedophilic content, terrorists, and other degenerative material continues to thrive. This is why I hope Q is good.

Attacking Freedom at it’s Source

When you’re the evil one’s A-team, but you’re on your D game because people are piercing through your lies, what can you do? Attack the source of the problem. Now they fight viciously against critical thinking. Where are the good liberal-minded folks? There is no excuse anymore. Defending science while fighting against free inquiry is like weighing 600 lbs and calling a 617 lb person fat.

Sheep Sleep While Children Weep

Sheep are people who are asleep. It’s the result of years of TV and social conditioning starting as early as possible. It’s followed by indoctrination in schools. Toxic social networks act like prisons with users who are voluntary slaves and addicts. Entertainment, status, acceptance drives their existence. They are lost in the matrix but the real problem is that they believe in the ridiculous which makes them dangerous. They don’t even think it’s a big deal to remain on a network responsible for allowing 20.3 million incidents of child abuse.

Their words and actions show that they don’t understand the problem. That’s why Q showed up and that appears to be why they hate him. He’s going to crush their dreams of defilement, exploitation, and cold reptilian sympathy…. someday, maybe.

Do Sheep Have Principles?

Some sheep love to take up social causes, but they don’t care about other people’s kids.

Live My Life > Fight For Children

– Sheep

These sheep are so caught up in worldliness and themselves. They march in socialist movements and take up mantras that divide everyone at the bequest of evil. After a man tragically died and the toxicology report showed lethal doses of fentanyl and amphetamine, they threw it all under racial hatred.

Prosecutors want this to be dismissed.

The Real Racists Use Race to Create Anarchy and Havoc For Their Own Benefit

The leader of BLM bought a mansion for 1.4 million dollars! Or four of them. Sadly, if you believe in white privilege then you are the REAL racists. Believing in white privilege is the same as saying black folk are incapable of measuring up to the white race. Patriots understand that we are all children of God. Sheep falsely believe black people are so pathetic that they need hand outs and to be told that they are not as good or privileged. If the satanic rich elite cared, we wouldn’t have these problems.

KKK 2.0 where they attempt to lynch the soul of black people. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. WAS A CHRISTIAN! These stupid sheep ignore 1.4 million elite and greedy people live in the United States. They never stopped to think that maybe these satanic freaks are the ones behind the hate? The motive is easy to see. The division keeps money in their pockets and attention off of them. They could end all of poverty and suffer NO noticeable loss to their piles of money. They don’t do it. Last I checked, the poorest people are broke with no hope. What color are they?

Because the same sheep who condone it also worship money, they believe the 1,400,000 people earning $44,000,000 on average in the USA earned it. They have no idea if that’s true, but they believe it. Even though all it takes is a quick look around to see most of world is a total hell hole. Many of these people leech on us, preying ESPECIALLY on black folks. Usury is normal in the godless world. The gift of riches is God’s lowest gift, a non-blessing and of the most insignificant degree with very little virtue. They have a total plan, however, to make these kinds of statements based in reality appear untrue.

Why Sheep Don’t Get It

Q solves problems by focusing on asking the right questions. It isn’t easy to pull off because people have to participate and, you know, use their brains. Not to mention this obstacle of the weak-minded sheep spouting off hatred they hear and repeating lies that keep everyone divided. They’ve invested a lot into the wrong side, but is Q the right side?

A Plan Designed to Make You Think

Q’s information is presented as vital to humanity. People reading the posts and engaging in the method acquire powerful thinking tools while dimwits like the sheep watch Netflix, and study climate change or critical race theories.

The plan is so precise that thousands of proofs show the plan unfolding with statistical certainty that is a modern marvel. There is 0% that Q’s plan to save the world is all a LARP. It is something but I don’t know what. It’s like the statistics which prove the election was a total fraud.

Problem Solving with Questions




The truth though, is what Q says it is. We have to believe that Q is telling the truth. I’m still skeptical.

THE PLAN: THE PLAN GIVES Q TEAM A STARTING POINT TO KEEP THINGS ON TRACK, KNOW HOW THE PLAN IS GOING, AND MAKE WAY TO MANEUVER. I focus on the information warfare aspect of the plan and try to show how it’s not a conspiracy but a framework like the scientific method.

What I don’t know is what Q is leading us towards. Until something happens to prove Q right, I will remain steadfast in the power of God alone.

Frame the Problem and Grab Attention

If thinking is to be awakened, people have to sit up and take notice so they can engage and think about what’s being asked. Most people don’t. They believe it’s magic or voodoo that will cast a spell over them. Is this by design? Why couldn’t Q make a TV show and show the crimes? Why did they have to make it this way? Q delivered post 1 about Hillary Clinton.


Look at every post and you see the architecture of the plan. Evidence of its lockstep precision is in the proofs. Q planned every question in advance and it shows. Asking the right number of questions at the right time with the right supports, while being able to adapt is why people call it 5D chess.

But at the same time I can’t rule out other possibilities like the media and Q engaging in political theater.


The questions Q asks are grouped around themes, topics, and people. The first questions are the most important for understanding the big picture as quickly as possible. It’s a genius way to attract a very specific type of person, one who is dissatisfied by the world because it’s corrupt. We all know it is.

Thinking becomes intuitive as ideas build and new connections are realized.


Ask questions that help patriots know exactly what the problem is, who is involved, what happened, why, and how it impacts the world. Sheep are unaware about any of it because it ruins their day.

Hanging out with my cult friends, looking up words in the dictionary! So conspiratorial!


This was the first grouping of questions into a single graphic. You need to read this to continue.

Still think this is a LARP?


Focus on the pertinent details and know when you’re wrong. Q makes corrections and gives support where it’s needed. The news never does. All they give us is chaff.


Q arranged every piece of the puzzle, statements, strings, questions, dates, and much more to gradually paint a vivid picture of the truth.

  1. Make statements about the problem.
  2. Define the problem.
  3. Give supports to frame the problem correctly.
  4. Clarify

Tell me this isn’t a plan.


We are still doing this. It appears as though we’re waiting for Q to bring down a hammer and save us. Q team knows it has to be done right the first time. Frankly, we don’t deserve it yet anyways.

The plan was always made to adapt. How do I know? That’s the benefit of using the above strategy and it has nothing to do with Q. If you follow a process you too will have a plan. I can’t say what comes next.

Patriots stand at the ready and that’s what I’m going to do. So should you. It beats burying your head in the sand.

Symbolism = End.

I believe God gave us victory but events are leaving me with many questions. I also have to wonder why we get a victory on earth when God values things like long-suffering. God, please let Q be good! My heart says yes.

Understanding Q

Am I a Q expert? Not at all, but I have read the posts and followed it for 2 years. The only time I doubt Q’s intentions are when sitting waiting, I try and wonder how we all could be wrong. That’s why I waver.

God bless you, I love you, and if we find ourselves in trouble I will fight with savageness to defend you, your loved ones, and the constitution.

– AW