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I’m listening to Michelangelo Signorile. His 10am show on Saturday April 11, 2020. He’s no different than any of them. Another dishonest person. Or he’s blinded by propaganda himself. Or he’s just an imbecile. Or he’s a target for blackmail and has no choice. He’s too smart to be oblivious to the other story.

Why Doesn't michelangelo signorile Report both sides?

Why doesn’t he address QAnon? It’s a HUGE and unstoppable movement. All of his reporting is 100% one-sided. He’s supposed to be one of our representatives of truth. He’s supposed to be helping the people. 

If Trump is as bad as he says, that he “doesn’t care about lives being lost,”  he’s going to need to address the elephant in the room.

I heard Trump off the cuff answer a question about the number of deaths he’s willing to accept: NONE. He said none, right away, but since you keep asking him about predictions like he’s Nostradamus he has to give you hyenas an answer.

Many people don’t care about the testing kits because we want you to show us how QAnon is a hoax. 

It’s been my findings that QAnon isn’t falsifiable. If it is then debunk it without the usual words that reveal your bias. 

You have to prove Qanon wrong, bro. I’ve read the q posts and they’ve got you. They’ve got you all. Go ahead and disprove the intel. Do it, I really hope the world we live in isn’t as HORRIBLE as Q says. 

Ignore it while you can.

You say nothing about human trafficking. We demand the truth. You’re not addressing any issues other than testing kits. You don’t even question? You question nothing. It disgusts me. 

The same brainwashed beliefs — you support them because it’s given you a cushy job you don’t deserve. Journalists who don’t report it both ways. That’s my inference. 

The viewer who called in said you’re doing a great job. You’re not. This elderly, brainwashed woman is about to have her world rocked. Hey, hang onto her while you can because the truth is coming out. 

They can’t believe people think Trump is doing a good job? 

Are you guys brainwashed? Are you one of the evil one’s minions? OK, then why don’t you speak to human trafficking?

How is it that we can’t see eye to eye? Our views are 100% different. And we can’t reconcile when you don’t look at both sides.

Talk about the elephant in the room.

You’re talking about the tests, tests, tests, and speculated deaths, deaths, deaths–100% partisan. But then we see questionable reporting and empty hospitals.  

How have you not addressed FISA? HOW?

christianity is your target? what about satanism?

You knock Christianity around Easter and say nothing about atrocities you damn well know are occurring because of other inferior religions. Nothing about Satanists?

It would be one thing if our world wasn’t such a mess.

I don’t judge I forgive and try. I seek no attention, only to fight for the truth and against deception and to bring praise to God, who, you soon will see, has decided to play a hand.

But much of our public is lost for now. Who could blame them? You all are some gee golly good propagandists. When dark turns to light, what will the betrayed do?

You will be hoping they have Christian morals.

Q says when the truth is known, none of of you will be able to walk down the street.

Maybe that doesn’t include you, but then why won’t you take a look at both sides of the story? It’s the intel from Q and your silence that tells us everything. Q anon is a movement, worldwide, not a baseless fringe conspiracy.

Did someone get their hooks into you?

email Michelangelo at mike@signorile