How The QAnon Scarecrow Catches Fire and Burns MSM to the Ground

They’re the most visible, morally compromised citizens and also members of a U.S. press corp, widely considered by the public to be enemy number one of the people.

And still mainstream journalists write thousands of words projecting lies, echoing the 4 am talking points, declaring any talk of a stolen 2020 election as conspiracy and misinformation.

Then when presented with conclusive evidence to the contrary, they pump out endless diatribes and propaganda about “disparagement, domestic terrorism, and systematic racism” and even continue to write stories about a made up word of their own devising, always remembering to add the words “conspiracy theories” at the end.

They Commonly Report on A Scarecrow called QAnon

Richard Citizen Journalist Defender of the Truth & an American Hero

Among the hundreds of articles Great Awakening Video reviewed from grandma’s basement, of current journalists, former politicians and other elite, wealthy media personnel and pundits, who demonize whites and police for everything while earning six figure salaries for telling lies and stirring up racial hatred, every one of them uses the fictional word, QAnon.

Hoping to avoid the mass awakening of the public, they are lying to postpone the inevitable confrontation that’s sure to follow once the public decides to ask them pointed questions, resulting in the loss of the the single inch of credibility they still manage to have as their sinking narrative threatens to end their era of deceit.

By creating the fiction of QAnon, the media attempts to hide “The plan” which lays out in military precision an impeccable architecture of inquiry, built to teach concepts and guide people to a conclusion about reality that is so outrageous and evil, no one would believe it unless the evidence were substantial and coming from credible sources. Q plans to stop it with the powerful “nothing can stop what’s coming nothing.

The conclusion Q provides the conditions for discovering, after nearly 5,000 drops, is that the world has been run by thieves, evil pedophiles, and corrupt media, who for four years worked together with relentless focus and bias to undermine President Donald Trump. The evidence is substantive and damning.

And that’s exactly why the mainstream news, the people we thought we could trust, are churning out QAnon hit pieces, in a once in a lifetime display of insanity by guilty parties with no other recourse than to attack the straw man they built themselves. If innocent people have nothing to hide, then why did they make up QAnon to hide the truth about Q?

Each QAnon piece published is a like lighting a match and holding it up to the straw. Rarely does a scarecrow’s own maker risk lighting it on fire, but that’s what’s happening. This QAnon scarecrow is remarkable too for its unusual and compromising location. Unlike most scarecrows, this one isn’t stationed in some field, it’s right there with them in their luxury beds, treated almost like it doesn’t even exist.

Why would anyone make a scarecrow, put it in their bed, light a match and risk burning down the whole house? Why would they set themselves up to go down with it in an ensuing inferno? That’s the 100 million dollar question. Many beliwve they have no other choice because they’ve been caught lying, and the truth is as undeniable as hot on a flame.

Liar Liar QAnon Scarecrow on Fire

The Mockingbird Media, which in large part lies to the public in partnership with big tech companies, knowingly misrepresented and continues to misrepresent the whole problem-solving campaign, undeniable in impact and scope.

Most telling is the intentional mislabeling from the start. “QAnon” is a combination of Q and Anon, which lumps two separate ideas into a single word. It’s a common trick used by propagandists throughout history to attach two disparate ideas into a single idea and then build a story that discredits or dehumanizes it. However, this strategy so effective in the 1930’s has lost much of its power in the information age. The aim for concocting a falsehood is the prevention of truth-seeking. In some ways it’s been successful prolonging honest discussion, but the problem of distorting the truth has never been more apparent than with Q.

Millions of people around the world read the drops, recognized the planning and coordination involved, understood the importance of the information, self-investigated, then marveled as Donald Trvmp and others on his staff verified it all over and over through a combination of defying probability and exploiting coincidence with flawless timing and uncanny connections, and speaking in the exact same manner to Q. The result of the sum of the parts is too sophisticated and well executed to be a “baseless conspiracy.” Anyone taking time to read the plan, view the proofs, can come to no other reasonable conclusion other than that the plan is real.

That’s why their response is a problem. Why did they create QAnon and produce articles en masse to disqualify it instead of either investigating it or ignoring it? Their response continues to baffle people who can point out with ease clear evidence that the plan is structured with a proven problem-solving framework built at a global scale, that is the opposite of random, with the utmost attention paid to the order of the questions, grouping of information, and focus on prioritization, and thinking for oneself.

Add to that Q’s accusation that much of the media is comprised of fake news, scoundrels, guardians of pedophiles and pedophiles, many of whom are propagandists guilty of sedition. Now compare it all with the media’s aggressive and irrational response to invent QAnon and attack it with vehemence, spending countless millions writing articles that will never prove the correctness of their position. Instead, each article is like striking a match that casts a a sliver of light, preventing people from seeing the full picture. But how long can you hold a lighted match to dry straw without it catching fire? When it does, the whole damn house will go up in flames. And that will be a painful end to an age of once invincible propaganda and those who aided it.

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