How to understand why the MSM lacks commonsense. Clue: they don’t.

“Conspiracy theory” is the latest two-word propagandic mish-mash to be endlessly forced down our gullible throats by biased reporters Marc Tuters (pronounced tooters) and Peter Knight (who ironically has no knowledge of Chivalry).

These guys, who may or may not exist, (do you trust the Sun Journal? I don’t) understand that repetition is a good tactic for making people believe something that’s untrue.

It started with project Mockingbird in the 60’s. After shooting John F. Kennedy, the power-gobbling reprobates were free to infiltrate the media. Now, here they are as snakes, spreading lies.

Not for long.

Reader, you are not alone if you’re confused by the media’s inability to cogently investigate two sides of an issue. Namely, looking into QAnon and disproving it. Not simply saying it’s fake and hoping you believe them.

The mainstream news acts like the cool kid at the party but has both of his parents dead in the closet. And right about now they’re starting to smell to all the guests.

Are reporters such as Marc whats-his-face above from the Sun Journal and his supposed friend afraid to get fired? Why else avoid common sense? Are these even real people? I sure hope not because they’ve got some explaining to do to GOD.

The common sense approach is to investigate the claims of both sides and then present an issue.

If a reporter would actually go and read what Trump references when he talks about Obamagate, his words wouldn’t seem like out of focus fruit impossible to reach. This isn’t difficult guys.

It seems like Journalism 101 to investigate both sides.

Are these two liars corrupt journalists or again are they coyly publishing stupid content purposely, the stuff of which is easily rebutted for its lack of journalistic integrity

Or are they two geniuses once again drawing attention to QAnon and the evils perpetuated by people that are now impossible to cover up?

God wins.