Scaramucci Says Code Red: Will We Know?

Turn on the propaganda stations and you can sense the nerves. Will Trump try anything in the next 96 hours they wonder?

All of the failed predictions have made the tension become almost unbearable. What’s good is that if we don’t know what’s going on, neither does the enemy.

Many of our generals experienced Vietnam and communism, so they know the horrors of war and the importance of speaking the truth.

Chris Miller is the kryptonite of the deep state. He’s a special forces warrior turned head honcho who is instrumental in saving the republic, much like General McInerney. Miller has a fierce-some reputation. His units report direct to him, no bureaucratic windbags in the middle.

I put my trust in God and detach myself from events. Now is the time to build up in the LORD.

There is reason to stay the course while becoming emboldened through faith.

Many military members and former intel are saying word-for-word that “NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT’S COMING.” Why say those words?

There’s the noise of rumors swirling about stateside deployment on Sunday, January 17th.

But what’s coming, exactly?

Lot’s of popcorn?

The circumstantial evidence is pointing toward a HISTORIC MISSION.

Before getting banned, Trump talked about supporters having a GIANT VOICE. Interesting word choice?

Then the FCC informed broadcasting corporations that they better be ready to implement the emergency broadcast system or lose their licenses.

A few years ago, the head of GITMO said they had state of the art technology that would allow a message to get through to every single cell phone.

These events are bizarre.

A squadron commander on the Thrive Time Show said of the above information that he had never experienced anything like these coinciding events throughout his military career.

Donald Trump is all in against the globalists. He made it clear at Davos. He made himself target number one, for what? To give up?

How many times must Donald Trump say, I do not concede or, it was a fraud, before people believe in him?

Thus, be encouraged that whatever is coming, is coming.

The message now is to prepare and stay out of the way. Do not go to any capitol buildings in any state for “armed protests.” Stay home for now and with family to protect them. Get right with God to the best of your ability. Pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit.

Be humble and pray without ceasing. Pray for our military and leaders. Pray for our enemies. Keep your eye on God during this time and we will prevail, BIGLY.

We all will know very soon how this turns out.

Trump Has Not Thrown a Punch (All Guaranteed TKOs)

Like the rope-a-dope Ali used vs Foreman, Trump is wearing the radical left out without taking much damage. They throw one punch after another, expending resources and energy. Trump weaves, feints, and absorbs a flurry with abs of steel.

He is waiting to see all the corruption. 10 Republicans just betrayed him. The same ones he got elected.

Trump dodges another punch. Eight Chiefs of Staff sign a letter.

Trump once feigned bankruptcy to learn who his true friends and enemies were. He’s doing it again.

Meanwhile, LLin Wood is shooting bottle rockets off in the crowd. Security finally caught him and threw him out of the arena. A lifetime suspension.

Canada, Italy, Germany, CCP, Spain, and UK interfered in our election. The evidence is beyond a reasonable doubt.

Things will happen fast. Keep your eyes open. Once the time is right, like Ali, Trump will throw the winning combination.

I believe in POTUS —

“The best is yet to come.”

God bless!