“It’s always been out in the open. You just have to look.”

Symbolism = KRYPTONITE?

Imagine you have a secret symbolic language that’s allowed you to send messages out in the open that are invisible to the uninitiated. Imagine you and the people who get punched in the eye as part of an initiation into the club, along with some celebs, are all in on it like one big misanthropic family!

But unlike those parents who spell out words to keep illiterate kids in the dark about something undesirable, you use it to murder, steal, and be an oppressive scourge to the ones you openly mock as SHEEP behind their backs.

If you’re reading this, you’re almost definitely the type of person who has the wherewithal to hear out ideas. You probably know as much as I do about the corruption, high strangeness, and symbolism that people have been talking about a lot lately.

Symbol Comms put out a list and has been by way of example making sense of a situation that I thought was lost for a moment. You can read how I was thinking on election day.

Thank you SC for making the mockingjay media watchable again.

A Lost Ring Engraved 4-16-66

A preview of a story showed up today on the outlet whose name appropriated the first three letters of the alphabet about a lost ring being returned to its owner.

On the surface, it’s very heartwarming.

Seeing the picture of the sixes lined up as an engraving made me want to look into it more.

They showed the engraving of the ring for but a moment. It caught my attention, but I didn’t save it and I can’t find pictures of the engraving on the ring. The story is easy to find.

I checked out the list of symbols and even though I know what the triple sixes mean, what is the message?

So I went to symbol comms site and looked for some information to help me.

Because why would the a b c run the story and show that date? To warm our hearts?

So right there it’s insinuated that maybe it’s a threat. Possibly about money. But this was a ring not the stock market.

Ring Symbolism

Rings symbolize a relationship.

“Till death do us part” is common in wedding vows right before the rings are brought out.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.


In Lord of the Rings, the one ring is a symbol of total control and absolute power. In the hands of evil it’s game over.

To American Hero and hobbit Elijah Frodo Wood, the ring represents a complete commitment to the journey to destroy it.

The Fellowship of the Ring was created for the purpose of making a group dedicated to the ring’s destruction. They would die before betraying the cause.

Egyptians used rings, but the Romans were the first to engrave them. An interesting fact since it’s the eve of Lupercalia.

2/15 is lupercalia, a holiday where they murdered puppies

After killing cute puppies, they’d rub the blood off the knife on boys’ heads.

Fortunately, the Christians came in and said, “enough” and banned Lupercalia in the 5th century.

American Hero Garret M. Ziegler

On Feb 15, they also ate animal entrails, had sex with swingers, sang hideous verses as profane as possible, and celebrated their genitalia and sex deities. It was a devil holiday.

What Does it Mean?

Let me preface with, I don’t know if it means anything. But I think it does. More important than the meaning of it is the feeling that public awareness of their language is their kryptonite.

The comm seems like a timely reminder or threat from whoever made it to those under their control [above posts] to stay loyal. Maybe because of the second acquittal and the momentum gained this past week.

They have everything to lose, and perhaps that’s why they fear nothing more than the discovery of their secret language. That’s why they have made such an effort to conceal it and. Perhaps it’s why they have gone to EXTREME and CRAZY LENGTHS to attack a conspiracy theory.

If true, think about the number of news articles in the last 100 years that it call us to scrutinize? What will it UNLOCK, not to mention throughout history?

Why Don’t They Tell us?

Um, they did. The reason is it has to be experienced for oneself. It’s called a Great Awakening not a Great Explanation. The problem was that the idea was too hidden to ever pursue for any length lest you become the laughing stock of society. The Psyop kicked it off. We’re still Pepe Silvios to them, but we number in the hundreds of millions now. And the sheep who wake up are still on the side of creatures who destroy the lives of children.

Do Research

Try to find possible symbol comms.

God Bless.