Is Juan Williams From Fox News A Gremlin?

I don’t watch Fox News, but this Juan character is losing his cool because he’s involved in spinning lies. I’ve been following along enough to see the holes in this gremlin’s reasoning.

One of the saddest types of betrayals is against black folk. Having been historically trampled on by white people, many black folk want the truth. They naturally look to other people in positions of influence who they identify more closely with like Al Sharpton or Juan Williams. In a world obsessed with racial divides, black people want assurance about matters. They believe the black people in these positions of influence will be honest. They are not. They are liars, says Q, put in there to confirm, deny, or misdirect from the truth. Trump had nothing to do with the insurrection. Juan is a liar and his treachery will be revealed. President Trump was aquitted already. We already heard Nest Head’s pathetic attempt complete with faked tweets.