Is it weird that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is calling you and your colleagues out for your biased reporting? Why use words like “conspiracy theory” and “baseless” when everything around you is being torpedoed? You’re either corrupt or a genius.

Hilary Duff is responding to human trafficking?

Is this some last-ditch attempt effort to maintain control? Is this your attempt at a legit piece?

If so you’ve lost, and people like me, who have no desire at all to be looking into your integrity, and other journalists’ for that matter, are called upon to evaluate you because YOU SEEM TO BE LYING.

http://hilaryduff.com/Or maybe by writing such a biased piece using cliches you’re sending a message to investigators that Duff, Hilary Duff, is a child trafficker. I won’t guess.

Are you telling the truth?

You aren’t anywhere near an understanding of QAnon. You have to read it here.

Rachel Greenspan wrote this piece of garbage which mimics the other non-journalistic pieces out there. The same sensationalistic propaganda.

Could be just some lady trying to keep her job without realizing her bias. How?

All I ask it that you report unbiased news, even at a crap piece of junk like the Insider.

Why are you defending Hilary Duff right now when there’s so much more for you to look into? For the record, I’ve heard nothing about Lizzie Mack being involved with child trafficking until you published this piece.

Maybe you’re actually just trying to help us get into the investigation by showing us that she responded to an accusation? And to prevent the wrath of the people who control you, you’re ingenuously calling the movement of QAnon the same cliche names that are so basic they’ve become laughable.

And just like that you’ve totally redeemed yourself.

Hilary Duff is not