Is the Horned Protestor an undercover marine with Cameras on His horns?

If not, the “QAnon shaman” aka human sellout will answer to the Almighty. Attention-seeking behavior, desire for fame, if not for good then for shame.

This graphic was lifted off the page of Dr. Russell McGregor, a doctor who had his license taken away, and a guy who has barely ever been correct in timing, for talking about prohibited conspiracy topics.

It seems plausible, especially when you take a look at these pictures and think in context. If the good guys infiltrated the bad guys and stormed the Capitol to get laptops, then that makes sense. Laptops were reported to have been stolen.

Logical thinking. You won’t see this on any of the networks owned by six corporations who deliver news via one script. Gee, I wonder why.

Will the Military Get Involved?

The military insider has said that “military is the only way” but so far we only have crumbs. Copious MQ has been following time stamps and doing a great job of putting together these graphics for discerning thinkers.

If you are new to this, it may seem like a stretch.

But everything up to now has revealed that the Trump administration and his allies are communicating to We the People using time stamps as one way along with future proves past.

Simply being able to post at a specific time and alert people to something that was previously posted is crucial in an information war where information is suppressed and propaganda disseminated.

Lin Wood Seems to Be Declassifying?

It looks as though LLinWood (misspellings matter) has the horrible goods, except for Kappy’s. Though he does provide the key.

You can find examples of the laptop and bizarre nearly nude pictures of Hunter with his crack pipe taken to blackmail him.

Meanwhile, General Flynn calls for the Durham report to be released.

Every lie will be revealed. Stay tuned!

God bless you in Jesus name. Fight the spiritual fight against these monstrosities. Live your life right and fear nothing. is pretty cool.