Presidential Inauguration Thoughts with Conclusion

Thoughts Watching the inauguration

The entire event feels like the end of a long movie that’s been playing out since Kennedy was killed. No green screen or CGI as some predicted. Right now it feels like the bad guys have won. We are waiting for Q to deliver on the promise. By all appearances it seems like Biden is the president and this creates suspense and tension that transcends movie because it’s real life.

We are going to love how this movie ends.

Outside of this event there’s still thousands of troops now ready to arrest an illegitimate president.

Biden’s speech has some good lines we can agree with like “Take a measure of me and my heart, if you disagree, so be it, that’s democracy.”

Then he swore in with the crosses inverted on the Bible, which is a symbol of guess what?

And then he swore in again in a different production studio with the crosses proper.

This is all shady.

He quoted St. Augustine but pronounced it A gustin’ like saying Palmist instead of Psalmist.

“The world is watching.” he acknowledged.

Dark Winter is coming… he intimated.

“end this un-civil war” he said as his brain misfired.

end this not civil war? = civil war?

It was completely anti-climatic and no doubt causes people to doubt Q, but the doubt is less important than what it means.

But one thing I missed was the despondent body language of everyone in attendance.

Some of my Facebook Friends Are celebrating Like Idiots About Biden

We the Media

These people are deceived. They think you are but…

How were you wrong for thinking critically, researching, finding connections and asking questions?

It means you are brave, tough, and worthy of respect. It means you looked at the information and made a decision about interpreting events happening in the world.

Worst-Case Scenario

Before talking about the worst-case scenario, I believe what CJ Truth says.

Depending on what happens today, in a week, or in a month…

Could it mean we were deceived? If so, it would be the greatest deception ever concocted planned with military precision. Nothing could be more diabolical. But what function could it serve to wake people up only to betray them?

  • destroying faith in God (won’t happen)
  • starting civil war through an operation to create deep divisions, confusion, and unreconciled anger
  • reinforcing propaganda for years to come and strengthening the word “conspiracy theory”
  • creating an elaborate trap for good people and critical thinkers with the purpose of abandoning and humiliating them.

The above is unthinkable. This is where my mind went, and I am sharing it because it shows how crqzy and easy it is to get caught up in doubt. That is the devil at work my friends.

I trust in Donald Trump with my faith in God.

We are strong only in God. And God already won through Christ. If your faith crashes now it was weak to begin with.

We will band together like never before. There’s no alternative because we are still here. We are patriots!

the best is yet to come?

Life doesn’t last long, and we are temporary passengers here on the planet. We pray and expect the best and for events to happen that are for the greatest good, but we are also people in a place where the devil has always had a foothold. We loose on earth what we gain in heaven. I put my full faith in God.

Both Trump and Q were unfairly attacked by everyone, waged war against human traffickers, stopped wars, encouraged us to ask questions, advocated free speech, placed faith in God, and were censored.

Like so many others, I’m taking the road of most resistance because it is THE RIGHTEOUS PATH. I bind, rebuke, and renounce any spirits of rejection, wrath, shame, self-importance, self-righteousness, ego, and self-deception in the name of Jesus. I am humble before the LORD.

Why didn’t mainstream media do honest, unbiased journalism by addressing the subject rather than condemnation and alienation from the start, hypocrisy, and suppression of information? They never investigated anything!

I avoid any people who call me stupid, crazy, or a conspiracy theorist because they have made up their minds never to have a conversation about the facts but to shame me for thinking.

We have stood up in the name of God for truth. We want a new world for ourselves and our children.

God is coming through for us. I am more convinced than ever. I remain patiently expectant, disappointed no longer, but realizing that this is part of something bigger than I can understand.

General Flynn himself quoted Washington, asking us to serve one more month to save the republic.

Let us pray for them and for God to intervene for us all by protecting them and our military warriors.

I will let it play out before jumping to ulterior conclusions about motives. In fact I’m sorry I doubted at all.

What We Can Prove With Compelling Evidence

  1. The Trump Administration and Q are working together. There is just no doubt at all about this. The future was predicted numerous times, despite what the media says, and the number of references/connections are indisputable. The events that have transpired online and off have confirmed this without any doubt whatsoever. They were absolutely what gave the movement its proofs to legitimacy or else it would have all been unfounded. And when you read Q you get NO sense of evil. It would be counterproductive for them to
  2. Q quotes scripture and talks about the power of prayer. Q is the good guys.
  3. The final Red Line is CASTLE ROCK, which is a chess strategy where defeat turns into a sweeping victory. It seems passive but results in a big win. It is the part of the plan that hasn’t happened yet. BUT IT WILL!
  4. The media used propaganda techniques against Q and Donald Trump and there is mass censorship.
  5. GOD exists.
  6. The media never asked Trump, “who is Q?”
  7. The people who put themselves on the line in support of Trump and Q are courageous and have sacrificed on behalf of the greatest good. They are heroic.

What’s Next?

The military will be taking care of it because they are the last line of defense defending the constitution.

We the Media stands strong.

For we walk by faith, not by sight.

God bless, hold the line, pray.

and stay tuned…

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