Jeffrey Epstein is Alive

Lin Wood drops a truth grenade that he’s been hinting at for a long time. This revelation comes after a barrage of attacks by journalists, celebrities and other has-beens who say he is “crazy.”

It’s amazing how quick people are to believe Dr. Fauci but scrutinize every other issue even when there’s plenty of evidence.

I think sheep are missing the real story.

And the demon-possessed people use a wide-range of filthy and curse-filled language against him.

But all of their weapons will be turned against them.

Why don’t you celebrity sell outs and journalist sell outs put your money where your mouth is? Why don’t you pool your wealth together, contact ya corrupt boi Roberts and sue Lin for defamation?

Is it because the truth is an absolute defense?

Calling him a schizo shows you have nothing in your hand except falsehoods. Nothing. You will be judged worst of all for misleading We the people.

Lin Wood, we have your back.